Need help diagnosing a sick plant

I have a sick plant. It is light green and rather stunted, Leaves are small and the tips seem to go dry first. Now it started with some leaves drying up. I did flush it recently and I keep the Ph at 6.5. I have not done a strong fertilization, just some earthwork casting’s tea. any help would be appreciated.


what soil are you usingg

Some old potting soil I had that was used on some outdoor plants.

Is it spreading like moving leaf to leaf it looks like a magnesium deficiency are you feeding them anything?

What is your lighting situation? What kind, how close and what inensity? And what are your temps?

That’s possible do you recommend any products to remedy that.

I have new lamps so I may have to get a dimmer. I have a temperature controller that keeps it between 75 and 80 because that’s about as low as I can get it.


You could try some epsom salt in a gallon of water , i do like an 1/8th tsp maybe 2

They look hungry. What’s your run of PPMS and PH :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you - I have some cal-mag coming in the mail (overnight shipping).

PH is 6.5 I don’t have PPM meter.

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What fertilizer did you feed, just earthworm castings? I would say she’s hungry for NPK, calcium, magnesium. Basically all the essential macro and micro nutrients needed for a healthy cannabis plant. She’s needing and eating more as she matures and with the flush you did I would suspect your medium PPMS are around 500 or below. Do you have a base NPK nutrient :love_you_gesture:

I have some NPK I’ll see if it helps.

Update. You were all correct. I raised the lamp up, added Foxfarm base fertilizer, and Bush Doctor Cal-mag. Now they are much greener, leaves are widening, and they popped up another inch
or two. So thanks - my grow is back on track!


WOW! Nice recovery and looking happy and healthy :love_you_gesture: