Need help complete noobie

I recently baught all my equipment excitedly as this is my first grow. Unfortunately I came to a realization that I forgot to buy a grow tent after I spent all my budget. I was wondering if someone can help me out by sending me a small tent I want to grow my seeds in a control area plus I like the reflective material it has. If its possible to send me a small tent I would appreciate it highly.

I don’t know if anyone is willing to send you a free tent. However, depending on the size of the space you plan to grow in, you can use a small closet, maybe a portable wardrobe made light proof, a cabinet with some vent holes and fans added and built into it, or maybe even a large cardboard box, the kind a refrigerator or something comes in. Just paint the inside flat white with a decent household latex paint. This is just as good for reflection of your light source as mylar in most instance. And with HID lights, maybe better as mylar can sometimes cause hot spots by focusing the light, not unlike a magnifying glass. Most people do not use perfect mirrored surfaces under HID, this is why grow tent mylar has dimples in it. High titanium content flat white latex paint is just as good as mylar in almost all instances.