Homemade tent and light

Sorry guys not sure where to post this. Really didn’t want to buy a tent, guess I’m just cheap that way, lol.
Anyway, I got some big boxes from work, already had the visquien, all I had to buy was a few rolls of aluminum foil
and a dryer exhaust. Also, I bought some led bulbs off eBay and 8 $3 sockets at Lowes so to this point I figure that
I only have about $40 into the whole thing. Any ideas on improvements that are needed?
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Thats really freakin cool… Good job… Only thing is, I’m not sure alum foil is recommended for reflective material… Mylar is… May be heat issue… Not 100% but see what others say… That’s a cool setup though @Tech1


Ok @Zombo , I had heard that Mylar was better than the foil, I have been able to maintain it at 75 degrees. I just don’t think the foil is as reflective as mylar

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maybe a exhaust vent at the top, and a cuople of flouresent tubes for side lighting as they get bigger. years ago i used foil and mirrors with great results

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@Tech1… I hear ya, just seems like i read that somewhere… So I thought I’d throw that back to you… If you had to redo it, it wouldn’t be big deal… I heat stays good, I should be golden

Thanks @greentree, actually I do have a vent in the top back corner that I am going to put a charcoal filter on, building that is my next project. I do like your idea about Installing fluorescents on the walls

@greentree @Tech1… So you have used the foil with success… That’s cool… It seems to me that I’ve read not to use foil but I can be wrong… Others will chime in… I may be completely wrong… But that’s a bang up job Tech1


Foil is not recommended due to causing hot spots with reflected light. Kind of like frying ants under magnifying glass. I believe that’s what @Zombo is talking about. If you can kind of crinkle it up would be better. If not, mylar and panda film are good alternatives for sure.


Thanks @Zombo plus I saved some money too

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Great advise, I will crinkle it right away

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the grow shop has a foil but it is stamp with flat topped pyramids so may be wrinkle the surface some to be safe

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@Tech1 that is a cool tent. But the guys are right aluminum foil and mirrors create hot spots in the tent because of wrinkles in the foil. What happens is you get multiple temperature readings , you could be perfect 77 in a few spots and as high as 90-95 in others they maybe smaller spots but if you plant is in that spot it may get burned badly. As far as the exhaust fan I did the small thing until I got a good inline fan . Your light is great how many watts do u think it is?


I’m not sure, how many watts because I am unsure of how to calculate the total output but they are 28w each and I have 8 of them staggered, 4.5" apart



Aye @dbrn32… That’s what I couldn’t remember… Thx for the assist…

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The lights should work. You’ll just want to monitor them closely for correct height. Too far away and you’re ladies will stretch.

Ok, got it, right now they are aprox 17" which shows between 400 and 500 on the light meter

I am also running a 4 foot (x3) flourescent with 6500k bulbs at about 4 inches with the same light reading

Well let’s math for a second


And I’d bet the actual drawl is half or less so 112 or less

Sounds like you have a handle on it.

I’m not sure what kind of light meter you’re using, but it’s probably not anything I’d pay attention to. Uless it’s a par meter, but I’m pretty sure you’d know if that’s what you had.

I use a trio of them. Works pretty well. :sunglasses: