4' x 4' x 6' 6" tent?

I just purchased a 4’ x 4’ x 6’ 6" tent. I can’t afford to buy the equipment that goes with it yet but I do need the lights. I have two grow lights now that’s good for starting my seeds, 15 Watts. I only plan on growing one or two plants at a time. What other equipment must I have besides the light? And of course, what kind of light should I invest in?

Sound about like my tent.
A small fan to help circulate the air inside. The lights are a discussion and a half. I use a 600w HID light in my tent and a small 150w led in my grow box. The HID is gonna give off more light than an LED, but is usually less expensive. I hope this helps

pH tester (pen is better) and TDS pen

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I just googled a 600w HID and up popped all kinds of bulbs? can you show me a picture of yours?

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Give me a second. Amazon is always a good place to look as well.

So I have the wing reflector and I wish I would of found the air cooled hood now, because of the heat the light produces. Just some food for thought. The prices are estimated



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Thank you, I’ll check them out now. I’m back, wowzers…Expensive! I did find one on eBay for $145.00. Will have to wait until next month to buy it, will eat peanut butter sandwiches the rest of month…LOL.


I know the feeling of having to save up for the things you need ! I was unemployed (disabled) when I started growing. No Income and I needed weed. All around a bad situation. It all seems minor when you get to light up your own grown pot ! !

I cannot grow outside so I had no choice. Hope you get this going Bobbi ! Good luck.


How much does it cost to run this wattage 18/6 in a tent? Would it cause electric company to raise an eye?

I haven’t seen a rise in my electric bill and I’m running a 600w HID light 18/6, a 150w led at 18/6, a 4" inline fan all the time, a 6" inline fan all the time, 2 air pumps for my dwc bubble buckets all the time, 2 smaller air pumps for my stealth box all the time, 2 computer cooling fans for the box all the time, and an 18" oscillating fan all the time.

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That’s a relief to hear, thanks for the info. Just need to cover all my bases, jail is scary…LOL

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I think you will be alright. I believe the police have better and bigger fish to fry then someone growin a plant or two in their house, ya know?

I hope so! Meanwhile my neighbor and I have planted 5 seeds to be planted outside this spring. I’m hoping I can afford the light when the seedling are ready to go outside, I can keep two inside the tent. Then we’ll only have to hid 3 plants and less chance of getting caught. How many Plants do you think I can get n my 4’ x 4’ x 6’6"?

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Do I have to buy all that equipment you have?

For plants to fit in a space. Each plant needs at least 2 Sq ft per plant.
You don’t necessarily need it. I have heat issue so that why I have all the fans. The 600w puts off heat. I would say at least a exhaust fan to take the heat out, unless you get an air cooled hood, then you would just need the fan and some ducting to pull the hot air out ot the light, it that makes sense.
The aip.pumps are because I run a hydroponic system as well as soil

Okay, I’ll go do some researching, buy a cooled hood, a exhaust fan and ducting. Be back later with probably more questions. See, you can teach an old grandma new tricks!


Eh, you’re only as young as you feel :sunglasses:, just holler at me I’ll help as much as I can, If I don’t know, I’ll call in reinforcements haha

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???I don’t have a clue of what I need, do you know how many exhaust fans pop up when you go on Amazon? Can you show me pictures of the fan and duct, how it hooks up to tent?

I don’t have the air cooled one, @TxGrowman, @bob31, @Hogmaster
Can y’all help her out on this one?

We live on social security so money is tight, so after I buy the expensive fan, I need the other items. Our income combined is$23,000 a year so I need advice on what to buy for my 4’ x 4’ x 6’6" tent