Best Budget Lights for 4x4 tent

Hey y’all,

I saved up and bought a 4x4 Gorilla Grow tent. Unfortunately, buying that thing just about capped me out on funds. And I still need to buy lights and everything else needed!

What I’m wondering is, what are the best lights I can get for a buyer on a budget that will fully cover my 4x4 tent? For what it’s worth, I already have a Lush Lighting Vegetator, but it’s in my other 3x3 tent (side question: will the Vegetator still be ok to use for the following stage?)

I’m really looking to spend as little as possible right now. Also, besides lighting and a hydroponic system, what else do I need? Is a filter+inline fan necessary for a 4x4? What else do I ABSOLUTELY need to acquire?

Thanks y’all!

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Digital ph pen
Ppm meter

Unfortunately lights for that sized space can be a lot.
I won’t recommend any blurple panels, as they will likely cost half of what it would cost to properly light the space.

Hlg 600
Rapid led 4x4 kit (it’s what I have)
2 hlg 260’s
Other than DIY those are pretty much what all of the members are using to grow, and growing adequately.

Anyone on this forum will mention to just save for the right equipment. Lights should be the largest part of your budget.

Exhaust fan is a necessary piece of equipment, but a carbon filter may not be. Depending on if you need the smells to be eliminated.

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Thanks for the advice!

Would it be cheaper to buy a HPS system? I worry about the heat produced, because this tent will be in my bedroom. Are there any cheaper LED options that might work alright? I don’t need the best of the best to start with, just something that’s adequate and budget friendly.

Also, will my Lush Vegetator light be ok to use during flowering stage?

I already have a Bluelab Combo Meter for pH/ppm/EC etc.

I think I’m going to grow 4 plants either DWC or RDWC

I’m not a pro but I dont see a 330 watt light flowering a 4x4. Its listed as a veg only light as well. Plus it only has a 4x4 footprint at 24"-36" which seems to high to support flowering.

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I agree with @Covertgrower saving or holding off a little time to buy the correct lighting to successfully flower your 4x4 area would be a wise choice as you could spend a fortune on budget leds and still not achieve the lighting output required :v:

As for hps lighting the lighting it’s self is good I currently run 600w hps but I will be upgrading my light to hlg over the next month or so I’m in the same position ( cost cost cost) but for me the biggest thing I have to contend with is heat I’m constantly adding and removing fans to contend with the days to day temperature changes so for me that’s to much micromanaging hope this helps

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I would say change gears or should I say tents. Consider using the 3x3 for flower (assuming is has decent height) and buy the best light you can afford for that size. This is info on HLG 260
image. Some even run with two of these in a 3x3 to obtain better footprint coverage.
Use this as the baseline for comparing any other QB. If looking at blurple’s, watt draw would be more like 340 - 420 because they are not as efficient. DO NOT go by equivalent power. For example if you look on amazon lights like Mars Hydro 1000w will come up. The description sounds great but it only draws 150w. About 1/2 of what you need to flower in a 3x3. So you actually need two of them. No bargain there.


You neglected to say what the budget is for lighting.

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Depending on where you are, sometimes you can find used lighting on craigslist, facebook marketplace or somewhere like those sites. A little dickering and trading could get you by, but as the others have said you are going to have to save for good lighting. There is no cheap way to get by with any decent results.