Need tips on building a good place to grow

Question from a fellow grower:

I’m a newbie! I just got a 4’ T-5 (4’x4 tube) and have been tossing
around the idea of getting a tent, vs setting up a room I already
have. The tent would go into an area outside (it can get below
freezing here), and with the low temp of T-5, I think I’d have to
heat it as well. So, not sure the t-5 would be as cost effective in
that scenario.

The other space is about twice as big too. So my question is (thanks
for reaching out... and thanks for the books... haven't read them
yet, but will soon), if my walls are just a skeleton with some
insulation, what should I put up for walls? I have mylar sheets, or
foil... or some other kind of thing, regardless, what would you
recommend as low cost? I think I'll put up plywood, but then what on
top of that?

Also, with that light (plus, I may get some other fluorescent grow
light pig-tails too), how many plants would put off the best
results? Eventually, I'll add another fixture like the one I have
now - but until then, what would you say? And in this circumstance,
which seed (from your site, or in general) would be best in dirt
with good nutes? I like a good indica x sativa mix, usually.
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I would put up white plastic on the walls. They reflect light and will keep critters out.
If you already have it just put up the Mylar.

I started out growing with CFLs . In my opinion just grow some autos. You can veg and bud them with your light. I would do 5-6 plants for your first grow.
I have been harvesting about 1/2-1 oz per plant with white widow autos!

First up …welcome to ILGM

You never mentioned how big these rooms are. It’s very important to know.
Light per square. Foot for each plant
Number of plant’s .
Strain…White Widow. …very easy to Grow and is a r
indica x sativa mix, something like 60% Indica
40% Sativa great for beginners. It’s very forgiving.
Air flow in an out a must have.
Marlar is a good reflective material.

Hope this helps

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