Need flush advice

My guys is quickly spotting and curling up he was perfect 3 weeks ago and now it’s struggling. Help me grow bros!! I on about month 3 and I’m sure It could use a good flush and it is definitely struggling with some deficiency’s maybe calcium and potassium. How would I go about doing a flush do I just use alot of water or do I need to add nutes?


Use 3x the volume of your pot in ph stable water @ 6.8ph

Pour 1/3 of liquid in, let drip for 10 mins then again, and again. On the last 1/3 check runoff. Should be in range( 6.5-6.8 ) with low ppms (under 500, close to whatever your water is going in. If not, more water repeating the pr9cess above until you get the numbers you want. Allow to drip then feed, I go full others go half. You know your ladys eating habbits.


Looks like heat stress.
How hot is it?


Agreed with @Spiney_norman. Looks like hot and dry.


Get that lady in some shade. She very hot stuff


More than likely heat stress.

I learned from these forums a long time ago:

  • Leaves curling up, it’s more than likely the environment
  • Leaves curling down, it’s the soil

In Hawaii I deal with heat stress all the time. Like some of the folks mentioned, get her in the shade and some water to cool her off, you should be okay from there.

Happy Growing! Aloha