How di I flush exactly

High everyone, I, m new to growing indoors, but I’ve managed to get through a 2nd grow with 1 Bruce banner, I’m about 10 days from harvesting it and wasn’t exactly sure how you would flush a plant that’s in miracle grow soil, should I flush with a bunch of water now, or just not add any bites from for final 2 weeks or however long I wait, appreciate any advice on it, love this community, can’t stop reading!Some excellent advice on here. I’ve learned a bunch in last 2 months. Thanks in advance.

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Should say nutrients, not bites, Damm auto crap.

No nutes last week ph water 6.2 _6.5. And use 3x amount of pot size in water. Since it’s slow release you may not be able to get say all nutes out but anything that has built up will be washed. Will give you best shot
Should reduce what’s in soil and hopefully she will start using her reserve in the plant
So if it was 1 gallon pot you would run 3 gallons of water thru

K,Thanks foe the response it’s a 4 gallon pot so 12 gallons of my math is right, and then just ph,d water rest of way out,thanks @Rj916

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Yw buddy just my 2 cents and congrats on making It this far :slight_smile: hope she taste good

I messed up big time. I did a soil ph test it came back 7.6 so I panicked. I prepared a few gallons of water and adjusted ph to 5.2 thinking if I flushed them with this it would fix the higher soil ph. The next day my plants are dying. They have drooped looking like overwatering but they are getting worse. I tried flushing with 6.8 well water. Any suggestions. The plants are 8 weeks old and was just preparing them to flower

If theres too big of a gap between ph of water and dirt I’ve read where it causes problems with uptake of nutes. What size pots do you have? Soil type or soiless? How much water did u run thru them?

Have you put anything in soil what kind of ph tester u got?

They are in 3gallon pots using miracle grow potting soil with a healthy perlit add. I flushed them with 3gallons of water to help drop the ph. I use a digital ph test pen

They don’t look like they are going to make it. Some of the bud stems have actually broken as the weight dragged them down

Pic? So you flushed twice ? Back to back or days apart. I know flushing often requires 3x amount of water as the pot size I would get that well water down to 6.4 next time how wet is she?

You are better off not chasing ph run off numbers , especially if you dont have a quality meter. Adjusting to fast shocks them to much. Miricle grow is inconsistent . Not the best for canabis. Look for something light & fluffy so you dont overwater. . I use pro-mix HP , i then add about 20% Vermiculite. Vermiculite holds a little water so it doesn’t dry out. And it stays light all grow long.
Dont chase your ph run off to hard. Your plant is probably drowning , lucky if you dont get root rot.
At this point just water & feed what you would normal , just make sure your ph is lower. I go wiith 6.3. The disadvantage of high ph , is your plant will not pick up nutrients. On short term it just slows growth. Long term dies.

If she is flowering I know phosphorus uptake is around 6.3 and the 5.8 might of took her out of range… in the beginning of flower is when your going to notice issues. Do you feed any nutrients s

How often do you water and how much?

Should I transplant into a drier soil??

Don’t freak out it’s a weed they are resilient. Can you post a pic ? I would do what the guy above said and not chase the ph too much set it at 6.4 your next water do you feed any nutrients? How often do you water and how much… sometimes to much branches will get heavy and break a good starting point is 10% volume of the pot in water. When did u water them last?

This am. I now have them sitting on towels to help suck the water out of the bottom. I will not water for a day or two

@Takawami ok so wait 2 days minimum when the first inch or 2 of the soil is dry water. Do you use fertilizers? Us there enough drainage on thse pots is there enough holes for water to escape? Smartpot or plastic? Minimum ph for soil 6.2 to 6.7 nothing lower. Wish you all the luck

Thanks RJ
They don’t look good. The soil drains. Well. But I will try and sit back and watch for a few days

The issue I see with miracle grow is it’s a one size fits all deal. cannabis specifically goes thru phases and needs different minerals at diff stages . Flowering phase which you are approaching is going to need something low in nitrogen high n phosphorus and potassium(P , K) I like dyna gro nutrients( bloom, foilage pro) they include all 17 major and trace elements cannabis needs to thrive( google liebig law of the minimum) . I also use promix like the guy above

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