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What to do about my white widow.Two never came up, and now it looks as if I’ve got male instead of female plants. I only have five out of ten left to try. The one that did come is doing great,growing and flowering. At a lost.Feeling bad about the others I purchased all form ilgm.
Not having much success with help. I tried to locate the sheet to fill out as suggested. No luck . I really don’t Blog are any thing much on the web so I’m slow. Not getting what I need this way.

I’m not sure how we can help you. Are you over watering? This is the number one way most new growers have seeds not come up.

How are you germinating them, what is your process, this is ‘grow support’ and we’d need more info to be able to give an informed response.

If you need help about your order, or the seed guarantee, you have to do it through the e-mail only, be patient, there is likely a huge time difference in the Netherlands and the office is not open on the weekends.

Contact them there.

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Everything I’m doing I learn from reading your material you sent me. I am not over watering.I give enough for two days and dry three days. I ph before feeding level of 6. Just germinated all in four days this week. The unknown one is dam near ready using your method. So sorry I didn’t do anything to make it grow a male instead of a female plant. And as for the ones that didn’t come up at all I just don’t know what happen. Well at least I’m feeling a little more comfortable since someone is trying to help. And as for replacement, Still have a few to plant. And you have more I’d like to order. As a beginner I just need a little help. The few people I know have dabbled won’t share information.

I am sorry. I am having a hard time understanding your response. Please try to write a little more clearly.

I’m not sure what this means:

That sounds like maybe you are over watering, enough for 2 or 3 days. Maybe, I don’t really understand what it means.

Also a pH of 6 might be too low. Also nutrients or a pH that is outside of ideal can contribute to males.

And even though ILGM has a great seed guarantee, because of genetics and epigenetics and even if you did everything perfect, you still can’t always know what you are going to get out of a seed and sometimes you will still get a male.

Again, I don’t do orders, any “orders” talk is not necessary here.

I can help you with your grow, but we need more info about what and how you are growing. Check out the “support ticket” and answer as many questions as you can and we can get an idea of what is going on in your grow room and maybe help out with any problems.


I wasn’t looking for a replacement. I have too many that are thriving very well. Some close to harvest. I was just looking for an answer hoping someone else maybe had this happen. That’s all.and I would never give two days of feeding to newly germinated flowers. These are too young for that. Only half of eye drop until they are ready to be trains planted into a starter pot. I change vessels at certain stages of its growth to all for the spread of the roots.

Planted 3 ww germinated seed in cell pack. Two weeks later-nothing.Think conditions favorable to sprouting. What now?Bummed that I lost that valuable time

How do you ask a question?

What type of question? And for whom? @buzz666

You can tag a person you want to ask a question to by putting @ right in front of their screen name as I did while responding to your question. Sorry I didn’t see your question earlier but I’m usually in the lab’s forum.

Here’s a link about us, you should be able to contact one of the service support team members and for customer service related questions:

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Hello I have been waiting if my seeds to germinate over a week now only 2 have tails out of 5