Less than stellar total survival rate

@ILGM.Support @ILGM.Stacy I finally attempted to sprout the last ILGM seeds that I have purchased. This is probably more general info than a claim as it took over a year to work through all 40 seeds.
White Widow auto (#ILG2222714 / 1016866) buy 10 get 10 arrived no problem and overall not bad germ rate. Estimate 15 or more successful grows (some seeds were given away and not tracked) 3 of the dozen or so I attempted failed to sprout tails.
Bubba Kush auto (ILG2293304 / 1089193) buy 10 get 10 again arrived no problem but germ rate not as good. All 20 seeds stayed with me and in total I had 7 duds over the past year with 4 of those in the last 2 months. The 2 I just recently successfully sprouted failed to break the surface after planting the sprout in moist soil. A few sprouts from both orders failed to thrive after initial sprout.
The successful grows did produce good quality finished product and most yields were average to good.
Seeds were stored in original small ziplok placed inside solid black Grove Bags.
Germination method was always float in water until they sink then transfer to wet paper towel until tail sprouts 1/4 inch or so then into pre-watered “forever home”. Usually they will break ground within a couple of days and start their journey.
Fresh seeds did perform better on average so I am unsure how long the germination guarantee extends.
I am going to order more seeds and try regular feminized this time and will probably avoid the buy 10 get 10 deals so I have fresher stock to work with.


They will make it right if you did what you were supposed to. :call_me_hand:t3: Go through customer service on the bank and they will ask you about your germination practices. They will mention that the seeds can remain in water up to 4 days. :face_with_monocle: Frustrating when this stuff happens. My last issue I didn’t think they would have taken care of because I don’t have high hopes for banks. And it was way beyond a year. Couple of emails later they fixed it.


She may see this reasonably and pm you to get things taken care of, but best practice would be to email through the seed shop as mentioned above.


That is where I started and it kept sending me here. :arrows_clockwise:

I guess that is the form that shows up under the paragraph about the Australia issues. I thought the two were related. :nerd_face:

Any-hoo, I am not stressing and as I mentioned, good records were not kept, the timeline is quite long and I realistically did not expect perfection. I understand the difference between “sprout” and grow and that a lot of factors are also in play. If someone reaches out, cool, we can talk about it. If not, also cool, I will not be bummed.


Correct, this link should take you straight there



They will make it right. Unfortunately no seeds are a 100%. But it does get annoying when you get some smaller seeds that are barely brown and have no tiger stripes on them, they are a low percentage for sure.


I have had a few of these, and they grew just fine.


One of the BK’s I mentioned was like that and did “crack” but never made a tail. A couple WW’s were pale like that and grew normally. Can’t out think nature, she will do what she does.

Some do…agreed. But will be a higher percentage rate on the full size tiger striped. Atleast in my 30 yrs of hillbilly growing lol.


@HMGRWN Please just contact us via that link, and we will sort you out with replacement seeds. Sorry for any inconvenience.


I did contact support and had a couple of brief e-mail exchanges with Alex.
Replacement seeds for both strains were shipped right away. Despite being nearly a year and a half since original order, they arrived quickly and the process was absolutely hassle-free!
Mark this one resolved!


Hello. I recently purchased Black Widow Feminized (pack of 20) x 1- I germinated 16 so far as explained in the video how to best germinate. I still have 4 seeds remaining un germinated.

1 seed never germinated, 6 seeds germinated and are growing very nicely, 9 germinated and died without ever growing further from the germination process. All growing in the same environment ( west indies Jamaica) . This is my first order from ILGM and the ordering process was seamless. I am just wondering if I can email images of my process and get any help with replacements or explanation on how we did not do this correctly.

Thank you

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Look up to post #5. Contact them and will help you sort it out. @springville_jamaica

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Go here and scroll down to the form. Fill it in and someone will quickly assist you from there. There is an option to attach pics as well. Just be sure to include the order # for reference.

The online community here will be glad to help with every stage of growing. You can start your own thread to ask any question or there are long running threads where you can jump in and get advice. Use the @ symbol to “tag” someone like this -@HMGRWN and I would see notification.
There is a search feature here :mag: where you can type in a subject and find threads/conversations about it.

Thank you !