Bubble gum failed to thrive

my third grow with ILGM seed failed to sprout unlike the other two, AK-47 and Sour D. All ten seeds thrived. Sour D was my best grow yet. Kinda disappointed only 1 out of ten seeds came up. Germination followed all ILGM guidelines as in the previous 10 seed grows.

Did you contact customer service through the seed shop page?

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You had twenty seeds.
10 germinated & thrived.
The other 10 did not even germinate?
How long did you take to make that determination. I ask because it happened to me. I didn’t think seeds germinated so I started a few more. And of course the first seeds did eventually sprout.


I will do so. Ty.

I stagger ten seed grows at three month intervals by germinating next ten just prior to harvest of the previous 10 seed grow. I was 20 for 20 up until these failed 9 out of 10. The one that sprouted is thriving, but it throws off my timing. It has been 2 weeks. Previous 10 are cut, trimmed and hanging. 10 plant grows have yielded ~40 0z. of bud.


Strange for the failure rate to be that high. ILGM germination guarantee is top notch. I have had a couple seeds replaced. I only grow 3 or 4 plants at a time though.

ILGM packaging 10 seeds is the best deal per seed

i had 5 Bubblegum fail but the rest are doing great about to harvest. Support was awesome they said to just let them know when im done and they will send me new ones.

Can’t say enough about ILGM support. Satisfied customer. Itsa nice day for a White Widow, next 10 seed grow.