Need advice! Northern Lights Auto

I planted a seed 8 days ago and sprouted 4 days ago. I transplanted to an organic soil from a peat pellet two days ago. I gave maybe a quart of water on transplant but the soil still looks and feels quite dry around the sprout and she isn’t making gains like I expected. I’ve been warned against over-watering but now I’m afraid she is thirsty. Should I give more water and hope for the best?

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I would caution against over-watering, especially in a pot size that big for the seedling size.

It’s tough to assess the color of the plant in the blurple light, can you post one up close so we can assess its color? Otherwise I think it looks good so far for a 4 day old.

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Thanks so much for the response!

Here’s a pic in natural light.

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It looks fine to me but I’m only 3weeks in on my first

Thanks! I hope I’m doing everything right. I’ve spent so much time reading these forums haha. This is my first grow so I’m hoping my green thumb is intact.


I would try and get a little more stretch out of it may be pull the light up a little bit, but it looks very healthy IMO. You could also adjust your light later on in veg it’s all up to you on how you want it to grow!!

Looks good from here. My only immediate cautions would be the over-watering and pHing your water at the right point. What kind of soil are you using and do you have a digital pH meter for measuring the pH of liquids?


I’m using Coast of Maine organic Bar Harbor blend. I am waiting for my PH meter. Should be here this week. Thank you for the advice.

Also, when it comes to light height, how far from her should it be ideally?

It depends on the light. Compact florescents can be really close. Hotter lamps like HID need to be a further away. I have a low power LED that I keep 6" above my seedlings. My regular LEDs are about 12" -18".

18" is a good rule of thumb and you can adjust up or down depending on how it responds.

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@Sixpackdad thank you! I have a low powered LED. 300w but it’s pretty close to the plant. I think I may need to raise it a couple of inches.

A small seedling in a large pot will grow slowly at first while the roots grow in all that media. Be careful not to overwater. You can do just a dribble in a circle around the seedling, and it will promote root growth as they reach for the moisture. Once the roots have developed more, you’ll see some pretty fast growth. Looks great so far :+1:


Thank you @elheffe702

Speaking of watering…how frequently should she need water?

You can also mist the Leafs with a spray bottle couple times a day the Leafs will absorb the moisture while the root system is developing. You can also use small thin clear Dome to increase humidity in the small seedling stage. Make sure but a couple holes in the dome. Good luck

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You don’t want the soil to completely dry, nor do you want to drench it. Wait until the top layer looks dry between wetting the soil, and just dribble a ring around the seedling. It can be tricky in a large pot.

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Seedlings love high humidity. Clear solo cup or a clear bottle cut to fit would help w that and keep the soil from drying out so quickly. Looks good!


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I see you already have some solid advice to go forward with! She looks healthy and happy to me. Like someone else mentioned, when you put a seedling in a pot that large, initial growth seems slow, but it’s to allow the plant to send its roots out into that vast grow environment. You’re doing a great job!

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@Bass-Assassin, just checking back to see how your grow is coming along? Did you by chance start a grow journal for this Northern Lights seedling?

I hope to follow and get your feedback since I’ll be starting a NL myself as a first time Auto grower.

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@MT3 I’m going to try and link my grow Journal.

Northern Lights XTRM Autoflower Grow

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