Northern lights growth

These are 9 days since they sprouted. Do stems look to long? Had them under fluorescent grow lamp for first week. Moved them to where they are now. Thought I could control humidity better. One is little shorter. Seed took almost two days longer to germinate and had little curled up root but seems to be growing ok. Have cfl lights emit 32000 thousand lumens. Have to keep a little further away due to heat.


They look really good to me. If you notice more stretch move the light closer. Also when you repot then if they are stretched, bury the stem some to help it out. I almost exclusively grow this strain so if you need help, lmk.

Here is a pic of my current NL grow.


Also, make sure to keep the cal/mag a bit higher and ph at 6.5 and you’ll be doing well. You’ll love the citrus and pine smells when they start flowering.


What is that stretched over some of the plants.

If your talking about the Mylar, it’s reflective film that’s hung on the walls of my grow room.

Never saw that before. Using fox farm nutrients with their chart. ph is good but others i don’t know. Couldn’t find fox farm soil so I used an organic . found soil for transplant. have given them big bloom ( 0.01 0.3 0.7 . next is grow big ( 6 4 4 ) . Was going to start this next feeding. Your thoughts?

Not yet. Wait until the cotlydons start to yellow

sorry but what are cotlydons and when would i see them

They are the small rounded leafs from when the plant sprouted. They hold nutes for the seedling

Oh ya, saw them called embryonic

That too I suppose. Also, if your plants are auto flowers, they need to go into there forever homes very soon or you could stunt them durning transplant.

thanks so much for your help. I’ll show you their progress before when i think it’s time to go further ok

Just finished a northern lights auto got 4.2 ounces dried really good smoke you can see a pic in December bud of the month contest mine took 15 weeks from seed to harvest if your soil has a bunch of nutes in it be careful about adding to much to early and permanent home ASAP good luck with your grow :+1:

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Yeah. Just tag me in the post. Welcome to the site and the community. Everyone here is awesome at helping other members. We don’t talk down to new growers and like seeing them succeed. With the help here, my first grow netted me 18 Oz of prime stuff!


Hey, since yesterday the leaves drooping. Any suggestions

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Have you watered recently

These pots dry out really fast. last night I did water them thru last night. Thought maby this might be that. If this this is what u think I’ll just monitor more closley and just try to keep moist.

If you watered them to run off, they are probably just a little water logged. Let them dry out until second knuckle deep when feeling soil. It’s normal for them to drool after a watering. The veins and leaves swell with fluid increasing the weight. By this evening they will most likely perk back up. Also, if the pic was right when the lights turn on, they will be droopy.

@raustin tagging in a friend. She’s the best new grower teacher on here and will give us sound advice too.

Ok. Also is it good to bottom feed.

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