Need advice, gh trio, just switched into 12/12

Hey guys, newb question for you General Hydroponics gurus. What ratio is best for going into the flowering mode. If i go by whats on the bottles, i start getting nutrient burn. I scaled back the dosage for the past couple weeks of 18/6, and it seemed to correct the problem. How much per gallon of each of the three would ya’ll recommend? I am using a dwc home made setup, 2 leds, expanded clay media

yup, i know it’s crowded. I’m redesigning it after this one is ready for the harvest. I have ILGM feminized AK 47’s that need to be started. The one’s going now are some decent bag seed i had. Thanks for the help in advance, ya’ll! This place rocks!

Go to a Lucas Formula Variation 5ml Micro 10 ml Bloom no grow in place of grow use 5ml Cal mag for first 2 weeks then cut Cal-mag and go up to 6ml and 12ml plus any additives you choose but shouldn’t really need :wink: