Question about GH Flora

So I’m sexing 3 in small 6×6 containers and I’m using GH Flora Trio for the first time.

Everything’s in ffof and I’m raising the lights one or two inches a day or more so I’m not adding anything to the vegging plants but I’m thinking the three just starting in flower could use a boost

I want to mix one quarter dose florabloom and micebloom and no floragrow into their water only. I don’t see a problem not mixing in the third ‘grow’ part

Am I Wrong?


No problem. There is enough N in Micro to use Micro+Bloom only through the whole grow.

Lucas Formula

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Thanks @arcticGrow, yeah I found my answer on-line I found an awesome site all about gh flora schedules and what-have-you, I don’t know if I should post it here so I won’t but thanks again…

@arcticGrow Are you familiar with ata Tunata strain? I’m considering it this winter and I’m just trying to find out anything about it


No, haven’t heard anything about that strain.

I have some White Widow Auto’s on the way. Hopefully I’ll be abel to grow them properly :slight_smile: Will also try the GH nutes or Biobizz Fishmix+Bloom