Need a soil pro

just wondering on suggestions of some better soils than fox farms.

I’m out of likes for a few hours. What are you looking for to be “better” than Fox Farms? Like faster growth, longer lasting built in nutrients, better draining? May help us determine what would work best for your style growing.

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Canna coco - I moved away from soil to soilless medium.
I used to use FF OF as my primary soil. Are you having problems with it. What motivates the change.

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@Jake3 @beardless no issues, i may stick with it in the future, just kinda wondering if there are better options or anything of the such…i guess im just asking if there is anything similar for better value

I re-use the same soil over and over and over. You just need to feed the plant faster is all. Make sure to get as many roots out as possible. Then you can top dress if low on soil.

I have excellent results doing this.

I’ve used ocean forest and happy frog and loved both. I moved to roots organic original blend and loved that too. It’s very similar to A mix of ocean forest and happy frog but it’s actually a coco based peat medium. Feed in the 6-6.3 pH range. Got very similar yields but slightly faster growth rates. Costs about the same. For me, Canna Coco bricks are where it’s at.

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I have not used these but Roots Organics is mentioned frequently as is Coast of Maine??. In terms of value and availability FF products were always competitive or of relative high value compared to other options. I bought mine at Farm & Fleet which I believe is somewhat regional. FF products are often available at agricultural supply, garden centers etc. If you have to have any soil product shipped it adds a lot to the cost. Coco bricks are light, small and comparatively cheap to ship.

@Jake3 Roots sounds a lot like FF CocoLoco.
We think alike re canna bricks :brick:

@beardless I’m outta love for another hour or so but I think you and I are on the same page. Coco loco is very similar but was not available at my local hydro shop that has unfortunately closed because Amazon is simply too easy and way cheaper than a lot of local shops.

I absolutely love my canna coco and Jacks 321 with Fishsh!t. Added Real Growers Recharge this cycle and my girls have never been so happy!

exactly same here except I don’t use Recharge. Here lots of good things about though. I have quite a few advanced nutrients from previous grows. I add several of its products. Now that my plants are flowering I add Big Bud & Nirvana and Rhino Skin (Si).
How often do you add FishSh!t? I have been adding with every mix for three plants, Two in autopots and the third is top fed. This is my current journal GDP to start the new year
Your plants look great.
Are you sticking with straight Jack’s 321 through flower or switch to MKP for a couple weeks or even Jack’s Booster?

I run a 5 gallon res so I mix everything for a 3 day batch. Fishsh!t gets added right to the res at 3ml/gallon with my Jacks. I tweek the ratio a little for flower mostly depending on the strain as in how much I change it. Currently I’m at 3.8 (A), 1.4 (Epsom) and 2.5 (B) for the preflower stretch. Next week I should be able to drop the Cal-nitrate back down once budset hits good.

I use recharge once every 5 days so I make another 1 gallon batch of nutes but leave out the Fishsh!t then resume normal the next day.

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Lots of ways to tweak it. I used the MKP formula the first time so didn’t change A. But will increase Epsom & B by 10% a few times.

Simple, make your own. Type supersoil in the search bar here

I recently switched to organic based on a recommendation from the dude at my local shop, and I’ll never go back. I’ll pass on what he told me, and you can make your own decision. He said all you need to do is use happy frog along with happy frog fruit and flower 4-9-3, and that’s it. I’ve followed directions on the fruit and flower package, and I did top dress with some worm castings once. Super easy, and I seem to be getting great results. Here’s my plant using the above method at day 36 of 12/12. I also ph my water, but supposedly it’s not necessary with organic growing.