Need a Mentor for Jacks

I know alot of the regs here use jacks. If someone can please make it simple for me, Im getting into my 2nd grow and I want to try jacks vs organic i just tried. I will be ordering Canna coco, growing in 5 gallon fabric pots. watering from top, using Led lights. Using fridge filtered or tap water that ph 7.5 before i bring it down. Im going to get an EC meter.

what do i need to get to get started and how much of it do i add to each gallon??

Thank you.


2.5 bricks per fabric pot will work. I am str8 coco and jacks only. 5-12-26 A 15-0-0. B I mixed 2 gallons of jacks to hydrate the 2.5 bricks.

I use 3.6 grams A. 2.4. B. 1.2 grams epsom

No digital scale thst reads down to tenths?

A scale that measures grams, TDS and PH pen. Super easy 3 part mix :love_you_gesture:


I have digital scales. <==== link on amazon

Im getting the canna in bags.

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Yes, i ordered the 2.2 lb bags from jr peters aka jacks for 80.00 to the house. My small grow, 5 to 10 yrs it will last easy.


You mix part a with epsom salt. I heat up some water first. Warmer water helps dissolve the fertilizer and epsom easier. Do the same for pt B.

Good practice, only mix enough for few days.

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this is no where near as easy as top dressing every few weeks.


My 2nd grow ever is in progress. Didnt test nothing, just watered for 12 ozs from 3 auto plants. No ph, no tds, no dli.

Dialed light back, didnt water for runoff, did nutes at 80% strength and kept lights back few inches.

We watched and watched and watered.

ok, is there a good video so i can wrap my head around this?? im watering normally in gallon container.

Gram scale is a must for this old couple, 60+ can do it, youll get it.

First, scale

Part A. 3.6 grams
I dont have tenths on my scale

One dollar bill weighs 1 gram. It is 15cms long. 10% of 15 cm is 1.5cm. I cut 6 cms giving me .4 grams

.4 + 3.6 = 4 grams part A

The other part of the dollar bill is .6

.6 + 2.4 grams B= 3 grams

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We old school. An older nickle weighs 5 grams, easy to check any scale for bad battery or altered scale.

Dimes pennies each 2.5 grams
Dollar bill 1 gram
Thats how we made sure we didnt get shorted/cheated.


Id visit J. R. Peters store, web, from the horses mouth.

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Not easier just total control. Faster correcting deficiencies as well :love_you_gesture:


Should i order the 4 pounds kit on Ebay for 30? would I add the same amounts to my water each watering? or is there a guide?


Part A 3.6g pr gal. add to water first
Epsom Salt 1.2g add to water second
Part B 2.4g add last
Important to mix in that order if using Silica/ Cal Mag mix in water before Jacks.


Buy whats best for your budget.

I watered by lifting my dry pots, i dont water for runnoff for testing. Cannabis is a weed, it loves dry cycles, depending on the plants age and its appetite as to how much to give.

My runtz is getting a half gallon every two days based on lifting.

The wedding cake, exact same age as runtz, 5wks into flower gets half gallon every day. She drinks more.

 I lift them everyday.  By the way, neither drink as much as the late summer girls did.  Hotter?
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I actually did less my first time. 321 like it states.

321 even grams across the board. No nute burn. This time, full strength.

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The 2.2# bags lasted me for aprox. 10 plants from start to finish.


The new mix for jacks is 3.7 a, 2.5 b, 1 epsom so you know. I love the dollar bill technique tho, creative!. You can get a digi that does tenths for 15 bucks on amazon if you do not already know. The original is close enough tho lol.

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