Need a little help with this plant

This is my second grow, so I’m really a noob. My oldest flowering plant seems like she’s in a funk. Her top bud looks really different and the leaves seem really dry and a bit curly. Her leaves are darkening by the day and I’m to knew you know what is going on. Also seems as though my pistils are disappearing. Not sure if these pics are a good enough quality,L to show what I see. .

Looks like a bit of extra nitrogen, but close to harvest time. Have you examined trichomes?


Yes I looked today. They are definitely getting a little milky. My first thought was that she getting toward the end of her life. Should I just cut the nitrogen right out? Maybe think about flushing her. It’s an auto flower AK47. She’s going on day 52. They say 60 to 70 days from seed

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It’s an auto, right? I know this because I have several Autos , it’s like genetics I guess
I swear I could take a picture and it be the same exact picture you just put up
My autos look exactly like this

Yes it’s an auto. Love growing em! It’s my new hobby! Makes me a very happy man. Learning a lot here on this forum.

Here are my others. Getting very close to chop chop time


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2 years ago I had that same exact feeling
it was like
what 10 weeks and I can have a fully grown plant well I didn’t know they were going to be fully grown small plants
but a couple of them I planted very late in the season and they’re still growing now
but a few of them like the blueberry that I got looks exactly like yours.
Very tiny buds, the leaves are crinkly, they look exactly like your plants,
Then I had some dental work done and it turned out it was not good so therefore I was not checking them every single day, when I did go out I noticed that there was one single hermaphrodite and one of her balls had opened in Spread her love
so now I have thousands of these seeds,
but the girl that fertilize all my autos what’s a regular full term plant
so now I have these “weird seeds” that grow TALL, produce fast, and if I leave the bottom part of the plant they’ll grow back next year

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So I’m thinking it must be genetics because your plans are looking exactly like mine and I’ve seen others that I posted autos and they look the same as well on those crinkly leaves mine have gotten so many trichomes LOL I had massive scissor hash when I was cutting them

Also I’m kind of stumped on where did all the pistils go? One day in the morning you go and look and it’s like a haze of all these pistols glowing White and then a week later they’re all gone and like where they go

Sometimes they get sucked in as the calyx swells, or it may have fallen off. Either way, it doesn’t have any trichomes on them is what I’ve read somewhere. I’m not entirely sure.

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Ok so I’m getting that stressed out over nothing things that most growers get. So I’ll just stop stressing and chop her down soon.

None of your plants look ready to be chopped down…
They all look very young still …


I’m gonna let em roll and let em play out. Technically I should still have a few weeks left. Thanks for the input. Soaking it all in.