Need a little help is this calcium def 4th week flower giagreen 284 ph 6.5

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It honestly looks like a ph problem to me.

What are you using:

Grow medium
Feeding schedule

I am using giagreen 284 promix hp ph 6.5 topdress every 3 weeks with wormcastings never checked ppm i use tap water i let chlorine burn off tap is 250ppm wierd thing is is my other plant looks awesome i have been treating both plants the same

It came on fast and spred threw the whole plant im a outdoor grower but wanted to try my hand indoors and its a different animal but im not going to let it get me i wiil get

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Agreed pH.
Is 6.5 your runoff test. Or input

6.5 in i was allways told to never get runoff with organic grow but i do test my soil with a good soil ph meter not a cheap one and it allways reads 6.3 to 6.5 my other plant looks great this is my first indoor grow im a outdoor grower and never had a problem but this indoor is a nother animal

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Resembles a Phosphorus deficiency IMO. When was the last top dressing of the 2-8-4? It’ll take several weeks to break down and become available for uptake :love_you_gesture:

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Here’s some leave diagnostics you can refer to for yourself.


Just fyi, over watering can mimic a deficiency. Are you letting them dry out well between waterings?
And plants can differ from each other in how they react to nutrients and conditions. Even from the same batch of seeds, same strain, same parent plants, you can get one that will take a condition well and the other will suffer. Its just the nature of cannabis.
And welcome to the forum @Rookey

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I fed a week before flip then week 3

Careful with worm castings during flowering. They are high in nitrogen.

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So i should not be topdressing with WC in flower usly i would do about a half cup when top dressing wit giagreen