Natural spring water for my plants

I have a natural spring on my place so I tested the water and found that the ppm was 22 and the ph was 5.8 . Do y’all think that this would be a good source of water to use.


Definitely a good source. That ph reading doesn’t mean much with such low Ppm water but once you add in calmag it should bring the ppm up enough to get a true ph reading


Thank you Bobby. How much cal-mag should I use?

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You can add recommended dosage, which is usually .5ml and Welcome to ILGM forum.


I use water from a spring on my property, wish it had those numbers. My ppm around 200 and ph almost 8. What I now need to reconsider, what to do when things start to freeze outside?

Wow. My ro system runs @ 4ppm.

Hi blowfish i use spring water always the tap water here is shit to much chlorine (Australia). The spring i buy yes I buy it anyway it’s ph is around 7 and when I add my nutrients it comes down just right at around 6 with the canna A+B it makes it so much easier and exactly what canna recommend and there’s no ph adjustment needed but I still check ph just in case