My seeds went with out water for one day in napkin

Will they be fin. My napkin was dry

I had my cup go dry yesterday and I panicked. Thru them into water again and this morning it sprouted. I think it should be fine.

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Keep towel/napkin wet. Not standing water but very moist.

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To add to this i put mine in a ziplock baggie leave just a little air and place between 2 plates. I always squish the water out. In the bag my papertowel has never went dry so you may try this in future to keep this from happening


It stays moist enough i put it in bottom of prop tray and it provides humidity until the seeds sprout

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i use a cup with a napkin seed sandwich, so seed is moist. sitting on napkin and covered by napkin, then cover the cup in plastic to keep moisture in. i never want my seedling to dry out

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I am planting in soil🐕

did ur seed germinate and have a nice tap root?

One of the plants I just harvested started out that way
Paper towel went dry but I got it wet again after a few more days it still hadn’t cracked. So I just put it in some peat soil and put cellophane over the top of the pot and stuck it in the window.
After a couple of weeks it still hadn’t sprouted then one day it popped through. It was always smaller than my other plants but I ended up with 8oz
I named her The little plant that could. When she started to flower she was 3ft tall and spindly, when I harvested her she was over 5ft and had huge fat buds.


Wow shes pretty too

Very pretty bud.

For cloning do you put in water for 24 hrs. And keep in dark. And. The humidity and temp should be around 80 right🐕