My PacMan ScrOG

This will be my first ScrOG, going to give it a shot!

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I have Bookmarked your topic :grinning:My next growth gone a be one :grinning:I will follow you with great interest :+1::innocent:

Well, here they are.
3 of 10, it’s all I could fit in the photo.
Just repotted from their Solo cups, in to one gallon pots.
My new babies, all of 12 days old now.
All organic, no nutes.
Water only system…
When I’m ready to flower them, they will be repotted with a fresh dose of “hot soil.”
4 of the10 (my Packman’s) will be my first shot at a ScrOG.


They make organic nutrients too! But I’m definitely going to be watching this grow!


@Traumamedic Looking good so far
will be following to see how they turn out bro

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And here we are, same exact plants, four days later. We are on day 16 now.
It looks like they found my hot soil mix.

Remember, this is going to be a no nute grow… I’m going to do this water only.

I’m not even Ph’ing my water… it comes right out of the stream at 6.2 to 6.4.
My mix has Dolomite lime in it.

So let me know what you think!


@Traumamedic I got it merged for you


Looking good :blush: brother can’t wait too see how this turns out :cowboy_hat_face:CB


Thank you!!!

Okay, so my baby girls are awake for the night now.
Was doing an inspection on everyone, and happened to notice that my cool little guard bug is on duty.
She has been here since they first sprouted, and is always now on one of the plants.


Well I was only going to do 4 in my ScrOG, changed my mind of course. Decided to add 2 more so it will be 6 now.
So I germed 2 more seeds, and they’re in their Solo cups now.
They’ve been above dirt for 4 and a half days now, and the root growth is unbelievable.

You can clearly see the marker line between the Pro mix BX, and my hot soil.
Looks like this little lady has already found it.

@Traumamedic no problem

I think you should still pH your water and test the ppm to see what’s coming out of the tap everytime. … just my 2 cents… :wink:
Good luck…

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You should read a little better!

It says stream… my water comes out of a mountain trout stream, not a tap.

This is an organic grow. I don’t care about PPM, TDS and all that garbage.

All my leaves and stems are a healthy deep bluish-green. When I start seeing issues with my leaves, that’s when I will investigate a little bit.
Otherwise, my plants just do their thing.


Ya I didn’t realize that you said stream… wonder what kind of minerals if any are in the water that might be adding to your success… I don’t think you can get any better then spring water… :wink:

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I’m interested in what your using for soil or did you make your own soil and if you did what ingredients were used to make it and how much of each ingredient did you use to make your soil




Okay, okay…

I’ll tell you, and you only.
But you have to promise you won’t give away my secret… lmao!

Usually I mix my own soil with my own personal recipe.
Then I sat down a month ago and was evaluating the cost of making my soil.
After doing some research, and talking to some friends in Oregon,
They turned me on to this stuff.
I’m now on my third grow with this soil, all I do is water. And I’m very happy with it.

After a couple phone calls to the company in Michigan, they reassured me that this truly was a water only soil mix… and even offered my money back if I was not happy.
They do recommend a soil change in the bottom half of your pot, under your base Mix right before you flower.

There are lots of videos, and pictures on their website.

So, to shorten this story… It’s cheaper for me to buy this than it is to mix my own and deal with all the mess, and storage.
It does say on the bag that it is 15 pounds.
They are now selling it in 20 pound bags. The photo on the website is old.
So it is 20 pounds of soil, for $39.95
I found a store that sells it 68 miles from me. So I don’t have to pay shipping.

So, this is how I’m doing it. I’m interested to see others opinions.

I can’t post a link :arrow_upper_right: to the site here… but if you look on the bottom of the bag in the photo, it’s right there.

I had to r-emove the link Traumamedic do to forum poline meal or was it blood meal i get them confused every time for flower boostercy.

ok with that said here is a link to my journal there you will find my soil mix
and what i’m up to.
waiting on seed and nutrients buds in weight and to fatten up

My last grow I was using no nutrients at all Well last two or 3 weeks added bone meal or was it blood meal to boost the buds weight. Both our journals shhould be interesting to say the least.




It’s bonemeal… To fatten up the buds!

Blood meal, organic nitrogen.

And you forgot the link… lol!


Okay, it’s Journal time!

So the girls decided to wake up from their daily six hour sumber.
Time for their twice daily inspection.
Checked the pots, still moist, so no watering needed today.
Gave them a little misting to put some moisture on their leaves, and put in the new fan I bought today you give them a little fresh air… the one I was using was old and noisy.

The girls wanted to do a photoshoot, and show off how tight their nodes are.
Keeping in mind, these plants are only between two and three weeks old.

The first one is one of my BlackWaters (2), and the second one, is one of the Pac-Man’s (6).