Doom's Laboratory Spring '17 highlights

Here’s an average day in May where I go to zen out. Well that and haul gallon after gallon of water to.


Not sure why your not getting close to 3 oz’s out of each of those beautiful ladies… :wink:
Lookin good… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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I’m not complaining, but I know I can do better. So far this season I have harvested 12 plants at 11oz total. Still a victory in comparison to the first grow of last year.

2016 grow was 9 plants, 5 super silver haze auto and 4 sour d fem. I didn’t feed them enough for one and I didn’t give them enough light earlier on so there was a lot of stunted growth I’m sure.

Final tally for the SD was 80 grams from 4 plants. SSH ended up with about 80 grams. Not even close to my goals but still a small victory for me and honestly nothing’s better then your own stuff.

Moving forward 2017 is about getting mistakes corrected and experimenting with more pruning, LST and possibly scrogging.


white widow auto 81 days

Since it’s Monday morning here’s a pick me up of one white window that was harvested last month. 24g dry. Not yet reached my goal but getting close.


Not a bad harvest for phase 1 of 3. Still in the burping and curing process. Great smells in those jars.


I pretty much geek out on days like this. Today’s was another what I’ve deemed Measuring Day. I like to measure how tall each plant is at a frequency of every 4 days. I have this app on my tablet that can input into spreadsheets and you see progress through data. I really like tracking progress. I take comfort in cold numbers. I have no idea if height makes a difference in yeild though. I’m beginning to think not and it’s based on genetics and growers care.


What looks great you did good on her. I’m with you on the hight thing.
Common sense would say more plants more yeild,but as you can tell this isn’t the case, genetics and environment, light intensity :+1:is where I’d put my money.
Honestly dude your doing great just getting to harvest, you’ll be crushing you personal goals in no time. In the meantime, keep on learning :sunglasses:


Thank you @Nug-bug , yeah light was a huge issue when i first started. That’s been corrected with my LED’s. Luckily i have a super smart wife that was all about the chemistry so no issues with PH at all for all my grows.

I do think I’m making progress every grow. Bigger, better and more yield every time. The plants in Phase 2 and 3 have all been topped early on in veg so i’m hoping for some monster colas in the next 2 harvests.

In addition to that I’ve branched out this year and am growing multiple strains. Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, Northern Light, California Dream and another round of Sour D (i really enjoyed that strain the first grow and want to perfect that strain). I ultimately wanted to try to grow as many strains to see how they adapt to my current geography area. I’m looking for to the coming months and that final moment before tasting and trying out each.

Just last night my wife and i tried our first White Widow harvest. Man that stuff turned out great. Great flavor (spicy and floral), great smell and so smooth, first time i’ve seen my wife NOT hack up a lung while smoking lolol.


Here they are (SD fem, WW & SSH autos) in early March. This grow was
pre-LED so i was relying on the sun solely and you can see the stretching. Also included is a strawberry plant doing a little photo bombing!

Weeks later, showing how these little gals follow the late afternoon sun like little satellite dishes. Also in the middle you can see one of the weaker gals slowly dying, during transplant i may have karate chopped it by accident.


Here’s my first success cloning of California Dream auto.

8" Clone 1 at 29 days (C1)

8"Clone 2 at 29 days (C2)

C1 and C2 next to their momma (64 days old) who’s a big 37" tall beast of a lady


First successful Topping California Dream auto progression

Steady thy hand and then watch it grow.


I hate to be the guy to say it, but you technically topped the plant not FIM’ed. If you had FIM’ed the plant it would have grown 3 main branches, not just 2. But she looks beautiful dude!



Thank you for the clarification. Please excuse my newb-ness :laughing:


Once I got the tent setup, it did not take long to fill up…


Phase 2 & 3 of 2017


@DoomSack looking great had to give out a bunch of :heart: Keep it up I’m a fan !!! :call_me_hand:

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@Hogmaster Was a rough week. No pictures this time…Two of my auto suffered from an early case of botrytis due to heavy rain at the end of harvest. I have to be more proactive when it comes to the weather. Cut away some significant buds but didn’t lose too much. Have to keep a keen out on them. On spore watch until further notice. Northern Lights is pretty dense buds so it’s to be expected…


2017 Phase 2

Two Sour D, 82 days old, in first week of flowering. Left one is 36"(.914 m) tall, right is 39"(.991 m) tall.


@Hogmaster California Dream auto, 60 days old, 1st week of pre flowering and it has been turning yellow and now orange. Any ideas?

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@Hogmaster @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @Donaldj

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