My first indoor grow and I’ve only grown outdoors a few times in pots. Cure not down pact either. Help! Please!

I want to start feeding. I do believe my plant in the shortest pot is showing some
Signs for a few days. I just don’t want to risk feeding too early I just gave them a good watering with water ph 5.9 OK I will see how they look tomorrow. I’m happy with all except this one leaf I don’t like that much. Something about my. Any help with what’s up with this leaf ??? Anything or nothing ??

U dump out the trays s after u water ?

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I do dump the trays and I wash the tray out once a week as well as the entire floor of the tent.

Try backing off nutes a little looks like slight burn or some plant Epsom salt not bath epsom salt big different

No nutes yet. I was gonna start tomorrow I believe it’s a calcium deficiency or something because it’s only happening in my smallest pot that has least amount of substrate which is what leads me to believe it’s a deficiency

Calcium magnesium supplement will do ya good epsom salt is magnesium sulphate so its sulfur as well but cal mag products usually have nitrogen some have iron

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I got some of the fox farm line

Even when I’m not feeding I’m feeding I dunno some ppl say lass is more but they dont have super powered light cal mag it up cal mag I like to do every water

I would get a grasp on what your pH runoff is and your ppm runoff is, I see that coco loco has perlite in it, what else did they put in it? I would measure what food you have in the soil right off the bat before feeding and that will tell you how much to feed. Measure your runoff, get to know how to do that well and you will be golden. not knowing you could over fertilize, I would think right now, with them that size they would need like 400-600 ppm right now, as they get bigger increase up to 800 ppm, I am not sure just going off top of my head but there is a fox farm ppm schedule for you to use, Welcome to a great forum !
Happy Growing !