Next Steps and Tips

*Afgani Orange- bag seed

  • Method: FF Coco Loco
  • Vessels: 3G fabric pot
  • PH of Water, Solution- 5.8 in 5.8 runoff
  • PPM/TDS or EC 800 in 7500 runoff
  • Indoor 3x3x5 tent
  • Light system- 600W LED
  • Temps; 75-80 day, 68-75 night
  • Humidity; 40-50
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 4" 210 CFM, passive
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,- Both humidifier and dehumidifier
  • Co2; Yes - (2)× Green Pad
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:nerd_face: Hello everyone. This is my 1st time. An as you can image it’s as exciting as getting to drive the first time. So far I feel like I did good getting at least 3 of 4 have gotten this far. The one on the far back right is the alpha. What i need help with is the basics on the physical side. I completely failed at training an a couple are growing at angles. I am not sure if i need the nets yet, or what there purpose is. I am not sure if I should remove/trim some of the fan leaves to redirect growth.
An not sure to know with a space smells as mine when to flower since they can double height.

Please any suggestions or tips would be helpful.

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Forgot to mention. Also have a 1000W qb board with the 600W blurple. The biggest 12" 2nd 8".

they look very nice.

TY, they are about 7 weeks old. Wasnt even sure if this is where they should be at by now.

they are fine. keep up the good work

Your run off is 7500 tds?

Where does your exhaust ducting go?

Your plants have a light green almost yellow new growth showing they are hungry or possibly PH is locking them out but your PH seem right on the money, without going into detail your light seems sufficient but at 7 weeks I would be expecting much larger plants but your first grow and they look pretty healthy so all is good. You do have photos so that’s a plus side, what’s your light scedule 18/6, as you can veg them out longer since something seems amiss and they arnt of size to bud yet.

What are these green pads?

Do you have your duct fan on a temp controller?

The front left one is a victim of anxiousness. I transplanted directly to 3 gal pot. The other I left in the coco coir cup an dropped in the pot. Yes my runoff is absurd. The ppl at fox farm recommended not measuring the runoff cause of their amendments to the soil. It’s at like 5400 now. I’m on a 18/6 schedule. The seedlings spent a week under various conditions before the tent arrived. An the green pads are a CO2 pads I bought locally. An are swapped out weekly. No my fan does not have temp control, but in mid Tx, this is perfect time of the year high 80 and low 70 inside grow area.

I personally felt they may be stunted from the early germ days.

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Your exhaust fans vent is going where exactly? Outside the house?

Yes it exhaust out the top

I’m sorry just reread the ?. I have a garage setup. I keep the doors open during the day to get fresh air. So it builds up over night an when I open the door I fan in fresh air. That’s is why my him is high. When I open the tent an the door opens humidity rush. But my averages are 75temp and 45 hum

Okay gotcha, install a dryer vent is my suggestion and vent outside your garage it will help with plants co2 circulation, allow you to control your humidity and thus dry in your garage Durring harvest.

Why is your tds in 800?
Your coco loco should only really require water until the run off is below 1000.

The co2 matt’s sound like a waste of moeny if your going to do co2 a mushroom bag/exhale bag is your best bet but I wouldn’t worry about it if you vent your air out a dryer vent. Totally worth the couple minutes with a hole saw in a power drill and some spray foam.

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