Jbum’s first ride on the grow side

Got these yesterday! Like Xmas up in here lol.

Growing three clones (cause that’s what I was given)

Tent - 4x8
Exhaust fan - 6 inch
Also I have a inline duct fan I’m going to run as well for the intake air.
Have my PH meter
Temp and humidity
Waiting on my 7 gallon grow bags
Waiting on my HLG 320 XL

Now to work out medium and nutes. I was thinking coco, perlite and some buffalo compost I can get locally for my medium.

Any suggestions on the nutes. Oh and PH up/down

Also going to shrink the grow space to a 2x4 area to better utilize the light. Please feel free to chime in at anytime with suggestions, pics or just to tell me I’m a dumb ass and not do it this or that way lol.

Thanks for tuning in!


@Killadruid so it begins :sunglasses:


@monkman @Midwestnewbie

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I would get general hydroponics ph up and ph down.


Then with nutrients it’s up to what ur looking for in a nutrient line. I grow in coco I use soul synthetic by aruara innovations. Cousin company of roots organics which is also a good nutrient line.


Cool man thanks! Amazon carry that or should I hit a local place? Here in Michigan they have shops everywhere lol. Oh and used all my likes already haha :laughing:


You might want to get a ppm meter also


Is that considered the TDS meter? Well this is what I have and hope I didn’t go to “cheap” lol. Thanks for the suggestion


I have the same one

@Jbum looks like your well on your way to a successful grow. You’ll love those lights. Looking good good luck :four_leaf_clover: set to watching!


welcome to the forums @Jbum. lots of great people on here who are always willing to help out. a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge. ask any question and someone on here will be able to help out. i am also in Mich down by ohio-indiana border. is nice to have exhaust fan, hook that one up first. only hook up your input fan if you need it. you want negative pressure in your tent (sides sucking in a bit) to keep smell in. also want a fan inside tent to stir air, i have fan shaking leaves on my plants in tent from the beginning to help strengthen stems.
good luck on your grow and remember they are weeds!


Ull have it at ur local store but I found it cheaper on amazon


Ok great info thanks! I forgot to mention I will be picking up oscillating fan.


I found you don’t need an expensive one the first one I got was 45 and didn’t work. There a lot of great people here.


Nutes and medium are kinda funky to buy on Amazon. I’ve found them cheaper to buy locally on multiple occasions.

I prefer to buy this stuff locally regardless of price though. Your local hydro shop can be an excellent resource, and bail you out in a pinch too. Having a lot of them should keep them fairly competitive. I would visit one or two and poke around some. Ask questions, see if they seem knowledgeable and helpful, or at least a place you don’t mind spending your cash. If you find someone that seems knowledgable, ask them what they recommend and why. Then verify they carry all or most of the product line, and go with your gut from here.

Any of the nutrient lines can supply your needs. I would maybe question if they tried shoving you right to advanced nutrients. They’re good, but you need a butt load of bottles to follow recommended schedule and its expensive.

You’ll need base nutes, can be 2,3, or 4 part depending on brand. You’ll probably want some calmag too. And ph adjusters of course. You can probably get by from there. You’ll have plenty of time to investigate any or which flower boosters you many want, so no need to worry about those now. Things like silica, root stimulators, microbial supplements, and sweeteners all have their place but are usually not required.

The recent movement seems to be going toward dry powdered nutrients for synthetics. Very Similar to 2 or 3 part, just not yet diluted in water. You can check these out, usually a little cheaper.


Thank u couldnt of said it better myself.


Awesome thanks!

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How does this sound?

1 part coco fiber
1 part buffalo compost
1 part perilite
Neem and oyster shells
And worms
Water from my pond

Shouldn’t that be pretty good nutrition with out all the bottle fed stuff?

Not being sarcastic. Guess I am old and think the soil should have all the nutrients to begin with lol


Oh also got my HLG 320 XL in today! Super excited but I will definitely be building all the rest after reading your post!



I’m not sure about building soils, I don’t really do that. There is a section here for that though. Hope you enjoy the light too!

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I love that light. Liked it so much I got another one!! HLG popular here for a reason! :slight_smile: