My first grow, unknown strain

I guess it’s time for me to post a journal. Most of it will just be photos with notes on them instead of typing after each photo, unless people prefer it a different way.
Just a heads up, some of these notes are going to be crazy…things you guys would probably never do to a plant! Don’t be too hard on me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The strain is either chemdawg, Durban or sour diesel.


This is where I went crazy trying to fix discoloration too quickly…

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Today she’s looking healthy, flipped to 12/12 Monday night, so Tuesday was first day of 12 hour light.


Looking good :blush: like the format bro
Happy growing :v::sunglasses:CB

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What a difference when the environment/nutrients are correct.
I think the clone is going to have a better yield than the first plant. I just fim cut the clone and will start LST soon. It is growing so fast, probably normal growth. My first plant had a few setbacks In the beginning so I’m not used to seeing a small plant grow at this speed. One of the big differences, besides the leaves being really lush, is the stem is still very flexible. Gonna be awesome to train this one! I’m hoping for four main stems to grow from the fim cut so I can tie them out like + ,(and maybe supercrop each one) towards each corner of the tent, horizontally. I think the secondary growth will be crazy. We’ll see.


I found a few of these on the bottom of the plant today. They’re on the very bottom secondary shoots, pretty small leaves, maybe 2 inches across at most. I think there have been a few more over the past couple weeks, they’ll end up losing their color. Not sure if I should up the advanced nutrients calmag plus…they just had a full strength dose(had been increasing gradually since mid January) yesterday so I’m not doing anything right away. Curious to see what you guys think. It should be easier to diagnose now that most of the notes are on this page.

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
Soil, ffof/happy frog to start(1 gal), then transplanted to 2 gallon with MG organic(mistake, had problems) so transplanted again to 3 gallon smart pot with promix bx, and one more time to a 7 gal fabric pot with bx.
With great white myco.

System type?
Hand water

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
*The recent deficiency/stunt- I think due to soil ph. Hadn’t checked runoff for a while and it was really low, around 5, maybe even 4.8. So I flushed with ph 7.5 and added organic powdered eggshells to soil. I have always used rain, melted snow, and distilled phd to 6.5. Idk how the soil ph became so low. I was able to get the runoff to 6.5, and the new growth looks better, and the discoloration has stopped, maybe even recovered a bit.

*recent(February 1st)ph was high. It should be all set now.

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
Unfortunately I don’t know the ec or tds, always used 1/4-1/2 strength 5-1-1 fish, earth juice catalyst, 8-2-1 guano tea, and 0-10-0 guano I recently added to the tea, and a little in the soil

  • flower: using advanced nutrients calmag plus, and big bud, soon to be using some compost tea, and bs molasses

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?
Started with cfl, added 300w led, and another 300w led

Temps; Day, Night
75-80, 60-65
In flower:72-75, 62-65

Humidity; Day, Night
50-65, 65-70
In flower:D 40-50,N 60-70

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
Small fan on top vent hole, pulling air up through the vents

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
No need

Co2; Yes, No
A little, I use 3 separate gallon jugs with yeast/sugar, two other bottles to monitor CO2 output, which is usually 5 bubbles/second. I think output is good, but it’s probably sucked out when I have fan on. Sometimes I seal it up so the CO2 get down to the plant.

Duplicate post…

Where are you in the growth process (? week of veg or flowering) Looks like pH problems all over. If you aren’t in Veg that is a lot of nitrogen. I personally would leave the nutes alone for a while until you get your runoff under control. Your plants have been through a lot of pH changes. When you can get your Runoff to 6.5 then start nutes again in a few days. Looks like you are pushing too hard. We all do it at the beginning.

0-10-0 Guano is for the last two or so weeks of flowering before your final flush. The 8-2-1 guano is great for veg. Got an article on making guano tea that has some good info on the types of guano to use. Try to find it for you.

I just switched to 12/12 Tuesday. The support ticket was when I was in veg. I have definitely chilled out with the nutrients, and the ph is good now. I think maybe the quano I top dressed with might have raised the soil ph a couple weeks ago, if that’s possible. I don’t get how it would’ve gotten so high as I’ve always watered with 6.5, until I flushed after the guano, so maybe a combination of the two? Either way it’s under control now, and the growth seems to reflect the good ph.

I probably should have waited a week or so to flip the lights but its just getting too big. I’m hoping it wasn’t as messed up as I thought and with the soil ph correct, less nutes/addition of flower nutes(start weak dose next week) going into flower it’ll get over it and grow well.

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It may be the watering technique that is the problem. When I water or feed, I water until i get 10-15% runoff through the pot. Salts from nutes build up in the soil and when you have runoff every time, the salts have a harder time accumulating. You have cloth pots so they are easier to get drainage from.
Since I started using this technique, my runoff is staying in the 6.5 - 6,6 range and the plant is thriving ! That may help you out. This may help you out.

Good call, totally possible. I haven’t been(in January) watering with a lot of runoff because of the 7 gallon pot and the worry of over watering. It had been staying wet too long as I didn’t have a big enough fan in there. I added a big fan and ramped up the exhaust so it’s doing better evaporating the water in there. I have to resist the urge to water and be more patient.

I might have learned something new this week. I noticed where leaves are touching other leaves- on the top of the bottom leaf, if there is plenty of moisture in the plant you’ll see it trying to expel water. The leaf is sweating I’d say. It only happens on the leaves that aren’t getting much airflow. I’m going to monitor it to see if it’s gone when it needs to be watered. Might be common knowledge but this is new to me👍

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I placed a soup bowl turned over in the catch basin and set the cloth pot on top of it. Keeps the fabric from sitting in water. When I water, I frequently put it in the bathtub and let it drain for a 10-20 minute period and I haven’t been having any problems. Watch for drooping or other signs of over watering. As long as your run off when you water is in range and you are not having any mold or bug problems you should be good. It is pretty hard to over water in a fabric pot. I would expect a 7 gallon pot to go a little longer between watering, just due to the amount of soil to hold water.
Also, it is important to keep good air flow around the leaves. Something to think about for future grows, trimming the leaves so the upper and lower canopy is not too thick before flowering will keep the mold and mildew problems away. Mold can run the buds. Put a small fan on the leaves to keep the moisture from accumulating. There are several clips on You-Tube that explain trimming for air flow and maximum yield. Don’t let your buds get moldy ! !

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I’m a little worried about that as the night humidity is running high. I think I’m going to have to vent it at night and move my other tent to a different room. The veg tent is mostly clear so there’s light issues if I keep it in the same room…or maybe I’ll just modify the tent. Not sure yet.
Temp is a big issue during lights out if I vent the tent too. Old house and the main source of heat is a pellet stove so doors have to be open. A space heater to heat the room will kill the electric(bill). Right now I have a tiny elec heater in the tent only on at night to keep it above 63f. so it’s not on much at all. It would be in the 50’s otherwise. I might have to run a wall mount propane heater in there when I start to see buds. It’ll increase CO2 in there too so maybe that would be good.

Thought I’d add couple photos of the trained stems. Some of them were supercropped in the beginning of December. I think it was lacking some nutrients and was too woody to do it properly. A lot of them split more than jus collapsing one area of the stem, so I sealed the long splits with wax hoping it would lesson the chance of infection. They healed fast and are very strong now. On Monday I was trying to spread out some of the tallest branches and one started to split from the main stem, you can see the zip ties holding it now. There’s no drooping, so I think it’s going to make a speedy recovery, its wasn’t that bad anyway.
The root system has gone crazy since I started added great white myco and the promix soil also with mycorrhizae. Huge difference from the solid pot to the fabric pot. When I touch the soil I can feel that the roots are very fine and everywhere. I’m never using solid pots again, with anything I grow. I just started some kale and can’t wait to see how it does indoors, last year the bugs were so bad outside, I harvested and gave it to my chickens. At least they enjoyed it.


Wanted to post these side by side because I can’t believe the difference between the two. The clone has had pretty much the same nutrients. Definitely no ph fluctuation, and a much healthier start. Maybe more water for the clone, I’d have to look at my notes… It looks like whole different friggin strain! As you can see it almost blue under the leds, but it’s just a really lush green under normal light. It’s just crazy to me… I’m wondering how much the quality and/or yield will suffer on the big one, and at the same time excited to see what the clone will produce when the time comes.
I don’t think there’s anything I can do to make the big plant as healthy as the clone. On the other hand it IS a clone, the same plant, same age. And I’ve turned the clone around…so maybe there is hope for the big one…? What do you think?

The clone makes my big plant look so bad…to me. Ugh…live and learn!


Plant was showing some preflowers but not big enough yet for me to tell if it’s male or female, and I don’t want to jinx it…should know tmrw or Monday so crossed fingers might help! :crossed_fingers:


I changed my mind… I don’t think they’re preflowers. Pretty sure it’s just vigorous new growth now that everything is dialed in. All these spots that look like male preflowers have grown/unfolded into leaves, in just 6 hours. Crazy! So it’s not over yet😃


I’m not an expert, but it looks like a healthy girl to me, but I could be wrong. Good luck

Thanks, I hope so!

So do I, posted