My first grow strawberry kush

hi im 25 days into flower if u have any tips please let me know

You doing good , no tips needed , plants are thriving and looks very healthy .

The bigger one I topped and it’s’ a week younger should I have topped them both

It’s up to you , the big one needed that , but the smaller one look like its a smaller bushy indica , verses that tall stretching sativa dominant big plant . But since you topped the bigger one it will bush out heavy and full . But they both looking good .

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Ok this could be a stupid question. But how do you top a plant?

Download the free grow bible here or go to (site) and look up topping , it’s countless of videos on YouTube that will walk you thru the process as well , but it’s not really that hard , simply clip the node as it is growing out where you plan on topping . But to be safe look up the methods and happy growing .

Perfect thanks I will look that up I need to get mine taken care of asap.

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The rule applies just about everywhere, the stupid question is the one you need the answer for, but just won’t ask.

Lots of help for you here, if you ask.

They look good. :raised_hands:

So after doing some research on how to top my girls I figured out how to do it. My question now it that I have between 5 and 7 nodes on the 3 driffernt plants. Do I only top them and the newest node or can I top them at one of the lower ones?

It’s ur choice were ever u want

I prefer to cut between the 4th and 5th nodes. (Don’t really know why I prefer that location.)


Looks good, your gonna love the flavor and the high? Keep us posted.


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Is that ilgm strain

Have u grown this strian? @Ntense

Yes it is @joshawa

I have 3 going right now an they are an impressive strain here is one of my girls

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Yea super bushy how old are they