First attempt at growing,

First, a little about me to give context on what marijuana means to me at this point in life. I was medically retired from the military after 8 years, and 2 deployments (afghanistan), after a combat related injury. I have also been diagnosed with PTSD and this time 2 years ago the VA had me eating close to 50 pills a week, 2 of them were highly addictive narcotics. I quit cold turkey and after some exploring I found myself wanting to smoke marijuana, but only to get high. So I smoked for a bit just for the high and the relaxed feeling but found that with each different bag (street bud) I got, was different effects. Some even made my anxiety worse, others seemed to make me not only functional, but motivated. So I started doing research on strains and tested on a couple strains that had properties I thought might help. After a few name brand strains I made up my mind that Sativa was the strain for me, if anything then maybe Indica at night before bed. So I tested a few Sativa heavy or hybrids and was amazed how this stuff helped with everything I’m dealing with, even found pain relief with some. If you dont know, name brand bud in a non rec/med state comes at a cost, so I finally put faith in the net and after hundreds of sites I came upon ILGM and bought 3 Straw Kush autos. I know its an Indica strain but after pro/con lists with other strains, it seemed the most beginner friendly and despite the couch-lock high, it helps with anxiety levels. So here I am …

After a small hiccup during the holiday mailing season, I had my girls (lets hope). I might bore everyone with pictures, but hopefully this is something I will come back to when I start the 2nd one. At the moment I only want to grow 1 at a time, this is not for sale, not for show, and not for anything but to help with anxiety and make me WANT to function is society, not hide in my house. Pictures to follow …

I’m not new to life, and have a pretty good green thumb but will tell you that after all of the videos, articles, and blogs I’ve come across on the entire process that there is literally thousands of different ways, and even if you found 5 that are the same, the end result is different. So expect a lot of questions, and I will hopefully grow my first one with success. Right now I’m focused on quality, I don’t need to harvest 8 oz. I just want to get 1 oz right, then improve on it. I still have 2 more seeds and plan on the crawl/walk/run method. So hopefully I get a bunch of advice and hope everything can go as smooth as possible.

Now for pictures …


Jan 5th put in regular tap water


Jan 9th put in soil, the soil is legit organic, nothing added but water.

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Saw growth and just let her do her thing, even googled about the seed cap stuck on the leaf and was advised to leave it be. It just bugged me lol


Hey bud remove that picture of the seeds in bag they frown on that here @Redstripe
Also welcome to ILGM
You’ll find your not alone there are many vets here
I’m a desert storm vet my self


this is Jan 12th, 4 days after she emerged from soil. After watching more videos I saw a technique where the guy just added a little more soil to cover up some length, so I tried it

and this is her 3 days later, Jan 15th. You can see how much I added, she seems happy. Just to help, I diluted some Espoma and gave it to her with normal water to wet the new soil down

2 days later she looked like she was really starting to take off, feel like I was doing something right.

Jan 18th I noticed these white things while she was sleeping under blue lights. I’ve ruled out spider mites, magnesium def, etc. I just kept looking up what it could be and then noticed a springtail in the soil. The white went away the next day and I added a big fan and used a kitchen fork to turn up the top layer of soil to start drying it out to kill springtails. I feel like this is my first overwater lesson. Scary

Jan 19th, I am still holding out on water and currently have 2x 100w CFL looking at her. I am running them 24hrs but have read people swap out for a blue/white mix during what would be a 4 to 6 hour night period. This help?

This is an upclose shot of her growth, I’m already reading on FIM vs topping and still no idea what I’ll do but feel like I still have a good bit of time. She is also in the pot that she will stay in.

This is today, I havent seen anymore springtails but sure they are around. I keep tossing the top layer of soil to help it dry out and kill them off. Figured I would on watering and might be able to get to my first full nute feeding which I’ve read should be between day 14 and 20. Any insight on why or effect?

  • Edit - I cannot reply anymore since I hit the limit, but I am reading and taking notes. I will try to better plan my postings so I can ask/answer anything that might help this girl thrive. I think I’m correcting my watering problem and I check her probably 10 times a day. pH meter is my next purchase along with more light. Currently I have 2x 100w CFLs with the dome on them, white/dented dome. They are currently about 8 inches above the plant right now and only settled on it since I saw no more stretching and she is showing nice new growth daily, and most of all perky looking.

Also bro you came to the right place there are many peeps here who will jump on head first to help you out
We all love MJ for our own reasons but have a common goal to cultivate the best MJ we can
Any questions just post them and wait for your answers to come rolling in
Sometimes it takes a little bit for the good folks to find your thread a lot going on here lol
Happy growing brother


That’s works it will cause you seedlings to grow new roots under the new soil :+1: Don’t feed her anything until round leaves fall off the have plenty of nutes to carry the plants needs until they yellow and fall off
Maybe you knew this already just a FYI


@Redstripe welcome we are all here to help and support your grow any way we can to great growing my friend :seedling::sunglasses:


Just noticed you soil looks really wet bro
Seedlings don’t need a lot
When you water try watering to the outside of pot this will cause roots to stretch out looking for water try not to soak area around stem either


Welcome @Redstripe this is a good place. Welcome!

Your soil does look pretty wet. I’m a noob myself so I’m doing a lot of listening and reading.

I’m growing ak47 auto and my seedling popped up about 48 hours ago.

Good luck with your grow and we’ll catch you when you can post again


Thank you for your service and sacrifice
And welcome to Ilgm!


@Redstripe , welcome to ilgm, you will be over whelmed, buy all the help you will receive here, happy growing


Just wanted to give you a welcome also @Redstripe as @Countryboyjvd1971 said your around a lot of fellow vet’s on this site myself included. Will be watching and helping when I can , if not will find someone who can. I also got the strawberry kush in flower about 2 weeks till final flush getting jacked about it. Happy growing and you made the right choice screw the V.A. and their big pharma pill factory. :cactus:


Welcome @Redstripe, after reading your intro it helped me understand A lot of what you want to accomplish , One plant is the best way to go ! You may wanna get a water spray bottle for misting your plants 2-3 times a day and when watering think Milliliters , the plant is small the root is tiny it don’t need much,
What would be Great is if you could give us the Whole on what you are using, lights, soil etc…and please No nutes for the first 4 weeks . Looking great so far !!!



Welcome to our home at ILGM

We are all here to help each other grow. And i’m glade for you finding what dose help without pills.
So with tat said ask away.



I noticed the new growth by the feeder leaves, hopefully that is normal. Also noticed 2 leaves are curling upward. I currently have a 100w CFL about 12 inches above them, and I’m still trying to correct my over-water blunder. I can’t see anymore springtails in the soil, even when I turn the top layer to dry out faster so I’m happy about that. Still going to hold off on water. Another thing I’m doing is every time I check on her I push her stems down slightly in an attempt to “train” her.

Going to buy a pH meter, spray bottle, and possibly another light for future use.

With lighting, and keep in mind this is just 1 plant, how many CFLs will I need. I’m just trying to understand what is better, example, would 4x 50w lights be just as effective as 2x 100w? Thanks for all the advice. I’m really enjoying the process and watching her grow, it in itself is almost a relaxing medicinal reward.


Yes it would be and you can cover a broader area
Rule of thumb 50 w per square foot of canopy
So yeah you’ll be fine

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gotcha, so the more light I can provide under that rule of thumb the better? and any preference between soft white, bright white, or day light bulbs? thanks again for the tips


6500k for veg 2700k for flower. So bright for veg and warm for flower. More blue light is for veg and a more red light is for flower. (I know I said the same thing 3 diff times.) Also you can have those Cfls like 2"-3" above her. Use the back of your hand if it feels hot then too close if it’s nice an warm then your good to go. Move the lights down and you will prevent stretching. I hAve 7 100 watt Cfls in my veg cubby for one plant and it’s doing great in there.

Been vegging for 97 days now.
So yah good luck growing.