My bud are growing buds

5 days before flushing my buds are growing new buds trichomes are cloudy a few are red small number the hairs are still white at the top of theses buds they are not so sticky now. What should I do? Flush or let the new buds on top grow for a week or two 21 day left before harvest date 23 Oct


That’s called foxtailing, not necessarily something you want. Just do what you were going to do, start your flush and then harvest.


Also, don’t raise the lights to compensate for the new growth (if that was even a thought). I read that it just detracts from the ripening of the buds you were already preparing to harvest.

so the ambers will turn red after the flush there are a few red but small amounts

I just flushed it ppm 57 test the water it was 44 ppm so I think I am good there

It’s just spitting out new calyxes and that’s why your hairs are white.

The old hairs on the first Bud should still be Browning up for the most part.

Stay the course can go ahead and harvest when you were going to


I don’t even worry about Amber’s anymore I like to harvest it at peak cloudiness and just trying to make sure that there are 0 clear trichomes.

Also When you hang and dry your plant trichomes will continue to mature


I had this on my last grow. In my case it pointed to being fully mature. When the colas become somewhat lumpy and at least 80% of the pistils are brown it’s good to keep a close eye out.

There are some stresses that can cause this too. I don’t remember but might be good to look at anything on the subject. Or get @Donaldj or @garrigan62 to weigh in…

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Thanks I think it was to close to the light and I cut the buds top on the way to make bigger buds it did that and more lol. Also I am in georgia it’s hot. gad it will be okay

Sounds to me like you may have had a PH or nutrient imbalance which the flush helped address and you are seeing new growth as result of improved rootzone conditions I typically selective harvest over a week or 2 so it is an option to harvest some of it and leave rest to finish

cool thanks a lot