Buds look dry can I make it fresher

Bud looks dry is there anything I can do make it fresh?

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Maybe water a little more? Idk…

I actually think it’s some sorta nute deficiency… just not exactly sure which one.

Have you checked the trichomes,
I dont see any white pistils left. It may be done.


I did but I didn’t see the amber color

That’s what my wife said but did I thought she might be done but no amber color

@Spiney_norman Haha I think that was so obvious I didn’t think of it. It actually looks like they’re all gonna be a dark amber. Looks over done. Lol.

Are they cloudy or clear?
Sometimes amber is slow coming on.
A few have posted that they never got much amber.

Cloudy. Should I flush tonight and go ahead and trim to dry? What about the quality of the flower since it’s over done ?

If your trichomes are cloudy it should be fine. If you haven’t flushed yet, you need to. Should have flushed a week before harvest.

If your growing using chemical nutrients you need to flush that crap out.
If your growing with natural nutrients and living soil there is no need to flush.

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