Dad, are we almost there yet?

New grower here on my third grow with Northern Lights, I’m thinking of harvesting early this grow as I think I went too long with previous grows. Can you see from these pictures if the tricomes are clear or cloudy? This pic was taken in the middle of Week 8 flower (from 12/12).


Imo you could probably take these based on pic below, but I don’t see any indication you are overdue. I think i would wait til the weekend and check again. You still have some pistils receding and I didn’t notice any amber on trichs, i would personally let them go at least a little longer.


Welcome to the neighborhood :blush::v:


Thanks much, I’m thinking the same thing, 1 more week tops.

The weird thing about this strain is that the amber never comes–You’ll see amber on the sugar leaves, but the inner buds never seem to amber. I’ve also gone 11 weeks with this strain and the buds got cloudy, but very little amber. So, this grow, I’m not letting the Non amber hold my buds hostage. If I go too long, the buds get kind of rattly looking and lose their vivid green (fresh) color.

I’m thinking this weekend for chop. Its a fast flowering strain listed as 7-9 weeks by many and I’ll be at the end of week 8…


Some will do that. The sugar leaves typically have the oldest trichomes and normal for them the ripen the earliest. As far as plants fading this can also be a sign of nutrient loading. If one was to start taking away nutrients at a specific point this will happen regardless of plant readiness for harvest. Not saying you do this, but we see it a lot.


Thanks, I think I may have underfead my plant during the stretch, I went very easy with nutrients this grow. I’ve really been struggling with leafs turning yellow late flower, this grow has been better than most. For now, the lower leaves only seem to be affected, the buds look ok.I’m not sure where I’m going wrong, but I’m working on it.

I’m using Dyna grow Foliage Pro, and switched to Bloom around week 5 of flower, fed at half the recommended doses. I also use Protekt, Mycos, and Great white. Soil is Happy Frog mixed with perlite and worm castings. Light is a Spiderfarmer SF-1000 (less than 100 watts)

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What is the rule on flushing? Only at the end or not at all?

I have the same experience with Northern Lights which I grow a ton of. Just started bagging my last harvest of 4 plants and none really had any amber to speak of on the flowers. I just wait till all the pistils die and then wait another week. This batch is quite good. Very relaxing.
Here’s a few colas…Much more hanging around the office.



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No rule on flushing that i’m aware of. You could flush your plants at any time to reset ph or nutrient issues. If done at critical point in grow just make sure to reset nutrients afterwards. Flushing at end of grow won’t remove anything from plants, so is rather pointless in my opinion. Although that doesn’t mean you need to aggressively feed all the way to day of harvest either.


Thanks for the input.

thanks for the help all, I harvested around a week after this post and hung to dry for 9 days. I used paper lunch bags for each cola to slow down the dry time as my RH is low in winter (40-45 or so) It worked well. After the dry time and small stems snapping, I put the buds minus stems into a big gallon glass jar and the RH is hovering around 59-61… (perfect?) burping twice daily for two weeks. Now I’ll give the buds one more quick trim and put them into mason jars for long storage.

I havent tried them yet, I like the anticipation of waiting around a month to sample…

Here is a picture of my hidden grow cabinet, its small, but keeps me with more weed than I can smoke.I learned a lot this grow experimenting with shorter veg time, manifolding for 8 colas, and using 7 gallons of soil instead of 3. My mistake was that the short veg time didnt get the roots down enough to use all the soil. After harvest, I was suprised to see how small the root ball was, it was smaller than when I used 3 gallons of soil ! Live and learn.

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I think there are two different definitions used by growers when talking about flushing.

  1. Flushing = using plain water at the end of flower for 1-2 weeks,
  2. Flushing= using double the amount of water to soil to rinse and flush out salts. This is an extreme watering that can help clear up salt build up and lockout, but it can cause problems as well. This definition of flushing is very different than the first, and is normally used to clear up a problem. The first is simply to provide plain water to reduce excess nutrients that are built up in the plant (very controversial topic…

Anyway, I’ve seen this often on the boards when people talk about flushing, they are talking about two completely different things…

I reckon you are nearly there son.
Another week and then you are there… :nerd_face:

Thanks, yes I went around another week after these pictures were taken. I’ve grown this strain 3 times now and have gone two week longer in flower (the buds did fatten up quite a bit)… but they also lost some of their “freshness” if that makes sense. This grow I decided to take them earlier this time to compare…

Pics of buds soon, they are super frosty! I’ll also sample soon as well.

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