My babies may be hurting, plz help before too late

So my seedlings are up and two of them have tiny white tips on their first set of real leaves. Did I burn them with the light? And do I need to pH my water I would mist them with. Thank u

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I see water collecting on the leaves. It’s a better idea to limit watering to a couple ml of water per day in the soil, or, place a clear dome (clear Solo cups work great) over the seedling and mist inside of the dome a couple of times a day. She can get all the water she needs from the air in the cup.

Otherwise looks fine.


I have a cup over them, and the pic was after jus had sprayed and realized forgot take pictures

Even though the tips of the leaves are almost like white? Sorry bad pic

They look fine. Letem grow roots and have a blunt…:grin:. New parent syndrome. We all had it. At this time the roots are growing. When they decide they are good they will explode. Unless they wilt…the leaves go crazy…or she stretches from low light you can just peek and say hiya for a week. Some discoloration is common. They look solid.


:sweat_smile::rofl:, ok thanks.and yeah hard not to worry bout mylil girls. But I definitely appreciate it every one. Yal have a good one