My 1st grow (outdoors in pots) and Harvesting question

Howdy all from the land of Australia, long time smoker, 1st time grower, I read the lovely site here and downloaded my grow bible, read up on growing outdoors, did some further independent research, I found all of it to be very useful.

Our outdoor grow season (for anybody that doesn’t know) is said to be September to May or fathers day to mothers day. I planted my seeds in early October.

Unknown Strains

Didn’t get any photos when they sprouted. I transplanted a month after into there forever homes.

I planted two seeds and both sprouted.

By December they were getting quite large.

I had to move them and hide them among other plants due to forced to move house. Moved into not such a secluded area. I believe this limited the growing potential of these plants.

I didn’t top any, or anything like that. I only trimmed dead leaves away so they wouldn’t suck the nutrients for no beneficial reason.

I am new to the world of growing.

This move disrupted their natural growing system and forced them to flower in February (Possibly because I had to hide them in a shaded area so the light cycle was disrupted.)

They got too large to conceal there any longer so I moved them onto a property that a friend of mine owns to finish off the grow. I get out to the plants twice a day and water them. Have been giving them fertilizer in a liquid form every 2 weeks and have kept dynamic lifter on the soil every time it dissipated.

Fast forward to March and the plants are really starting to come into their own.

Even later in the month and the flowers are filling out and pistils are starting to turn brown on the plant in the yellow bucket.

The plant in the black pot still had white pistils at this point.

These pics were taken yesterday, the plants are looking very healthy and impressive.

And these taken today.

Now my question about harvesting is this.

The plant in the yellow bucket has roughly 50% brown pistils and I was able to zoom 8% to get a look at the trichomes, which I was able to get a couple of photos of, I am thinking the plant is just about ready to harvest and probably will be by the weekend. If any of you experienced growers look at this can you please tell me if this is just about right by the looks of the trichomes and if there are any steps necessary to implement before harvest please?

Thanks in advance.

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