Advice needed pleasex

Ok im a new grower well tbh i started with a half dead seedling that clearly wanted to grow slowly… i mean may it was a seedling and only now have buds arrived.
I grew it in my back garden and summer house in a pot so i could bring it inside then outside easily.

just used bloom to feed her and bottled water lol.

im Just looking for advice if shes ready to harvestor if she needs longer?
And if longer how long and basically anything you can tell me as i didnt actually think id get this far it was from a seed that my sister found in her smoke lol literally 1st timer lol



@herbie84, by the look of the pistil color, I would start looking at the trichomes using a jeweler’s loupe. Harvest window is when you have cloudy trichomes mixed with about 20% amber trichomes.


thank you for replying


I agree, take close look.

Not sure how well this plant was cared for, but wondering if it got enough water or maybe started to flower and went back to veg from moving it around. Plants that get a full summer outside usually look much different.

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