My 1st Grow - Berry Bomb Auto & White Widow Auto

Hello everyone! Finally got around to starting this ole journal up. Hope i dont screw up too badly. Start off by saying this is a grow of WW and BB… Both autos. I originally started with Headlights Kush instead of WW but alas. She never broke dirt. So days maybe 4 or 5 off from each other. But lets get started!


Ok. Now to bring this thing up to speed…

June 17th (one helluva Father’s Day gift)

Berry Bomb Sticks her head out of the ground to say hi

June 20 (even better birthday gift!)

White Widow figures hey! Dont leave me behind! And shows up a few days late to the party…

Berry Bomb stretches just a bit. Have had mini caterpillar battles with it. (2 days straight! Little buggers… relocated AWAY from trees)


Which… of course brings us to today. White Widow survived her transplant from hell… i mean it. I wasted almost ALL her dirt. Dropped her under a bit of said dirt. Then finally got her repotted… Berry Bomb survived StemGate two days ago… in which i dropped an errant sock DIRECTLY onto her while moving outsiders for sun… then quickly piled more soil to fix the stem i folded in two places on her (thanks ILGM growers for the tips :wink::wink:) long story short… photos for 6:25:18…

Day 10-11?

Berry Bomb (supported by said pile of dirt but back progressing leaf wise :pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5:)

Day 7

White Widow stunted from the horrid transplant from starter pots. But back moving forward as well!

All said and done… maybe a lost week on BBA (caterpillars and Stemgate) and a couple days on WWA (transplanting {carelessly} an auto :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:) but again! There is time!


On a lighting note… ive been using sunlight. Great hours here. Sun is up at 6. Down around 8… but inside they come over night…
@dbrn32 you are beyond knowledgable. It is time to invest in lighting. I found

Seems to be reasonably priced. But i know the other day we discussed build your owns. Honestly. Is the difference that much $150~ parts (n labor) or $185?


Technically you still have to put the qb 135 kit together, so there’s labor there too. Dollar for dollar you’ll get a little more going diy. But what you can do for $150 is pretty much the same as you will get out of a 135 kit.

How big was your space again?

Right now its a 1x3x1 fish tank. Just wantd to get them startd. Have 2 mini fridges. 2x2x 2.5-3ish. Weird lil shits. But i have 12 100 equiv watt Philips leds so I originally planned a Frankensteinish contraption in either or both of the fridges. And have narrowed down a decent enough 4x4x6 tent. Wantd to go lights first for the overcast days coming soon.

And a couple of 120 equiv cfls as well. I use the sun and a couple leds with a cfl an hour before and after sleeptime

O and have 5/6 kush sprouts just popped… planned on outside growing them tho. Maybe bring the prettiest lady in the tent (if i make it that far and the light permits). Hate i germ’d them but i found them in the most amazing kush ive smoked in two years. Seeing as how im past semi serious now. I had to pop them all and im praying for a male and a female… :pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5:

The Kushy 6 join the party…

Sorry other two are camera shy and one hasnt poked his head out.


Hey Purp, not a good judge on your plants but I indeed like your profile picture. Lol

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Lmao. Thanks. I found it when making my ps3 name years ago. Have been using every since :joy:

You recovered nicely from some difficulties @PurpNGold74. I look forward to seeing your plants mature into monster buds.

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So today i got a lil itchy. Week 3… no super growth… n i realized. My math skills are HORRIBLE… Use calenders people.
BBA - Born 6/17 today is July 1… 14 days :man_facepalming:t5: Anyways.

Ok. Ive been learning more n more. N i think the seedling phase n veg phase are thoroughly different now. So this will be start of veg. After first 3 finger leaves.

First node of 3 serrated leaves are developed. 3rd set of true leaves are beginning. Pickd off another caterpillar this morning. Think i caught him arriving, no noticable damage. Definitely got a lovely stench on my finger tho :+1:t5::+1:t5:

WWA - Born 6/20 11 Days
1st set of true leaves (single serrated) have developed fully. Slight tip burn. Could be from 24/7 weekend (my own touch) or my cousin sprinkling ‘hot pellets’ over my veggie garden and my stealth having him thinking the bud is a tomato or something (blessing and a curse :joy:) 2nd set starts to poke up.

The Kushy 6 - Born 6/27
4 Days old (n a bit stretchy so soil filled in) have seriously high (pun intended) hopes for these babies. Found in a bag of some super potent knock u on ur a** grade gas. Hoping for photos so i can play the veg game after my autos have long since flowered. 1 is EXTREMELY deformed. No serrated leaves showing 4 days from sprout. Another is… on life support as well but prognosis is looking good. The other 4 are actually growing beautifully. :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:


This morning on berry bomb i noticed very light green colored ‘bud sites’. I use that term loosely because the plant is amazingly small. Only 15-16 days or so. Just sprouting second 3 finger leaves. Will add photo soon.

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@MattyBear @raustin @Hogmaster sorry for random tags. Just folks ive noticed on autos.


I wouldn’t worry about the color, but looks like something has been chewing on a few leaves. Keep an eye out for bugs and do as much preventative maintenance as you can

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Yea. Caterpillars. Had gotten this one good a while back. Almost didnt think she’d make it. Caught three on her the night i startd the journal. Only one since. The super small version

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She looks really good, but keep an eye out for those damn caterpillars, they can devastate a crop.


Early 4th of July Update this week.

Berry Bomb Auto - 18 Days old - Third ‘true set’ of leaves nicely developed. Can see small 4th set. So ready to start lst its sad… high hopes for this one here…

White Widow Auto - 15 days old - SUPREMELY disappointed so far. Barely any growth shown over last week. A little wider and maybe a centimeter taller. Separated 1st true leave from cotyledons this week. I regret starting in 5 gallon pots from beginning. Hopefully the root system is expansive and veg growth catches up.

The Kushy 6 (photo periods) - 8 days old - moment of silence for one of the runts. In honor of her fallen sister runt #2 is starting this group. And the only one with multiple (2) photos. The strongest 2 of the 6 and sprouting 2nd set of true leave (3 serrations) and chasing Berry Bomb aggressively. Will soil up later today (to fix shaded stretching) after heat and repot VERY soon to 1 gallons. Hoping for a girl AND a boy. The other 2 look good and are chasing the big girls valiantly.