Mushy Ends on Clones

So I have some Chronic Widow & Girl Scout Cookie I’m attempting to clone (I’ve never cloned before, always grew from seeds). I’m using a cloning machine (Not sure what the technical term is, but it’s the kind where you stick the clones into the styrofoam collars and it’s got a water reservoir in the bottom and sprayers, similar to aeroponics I guess). I’m on my second batch and they’re all dying again, within three days. All the tops look healthy and perky, but the bottoms are becoming incredibly mushy and they’re just dead as far as I know. I’m dipping them in cloning gel and using power clone. Temp is around 25 C, PH is anywhere from 6-6.2.

I’m doing the cuts properly with a clean razor blade, not crushing the stems, and immediately placing them into the cloning machine. Are there any tips more experienced growers can provide? I’m starting to get worried cause the ones I’m cloning from and are getting pretty big and I’m gonna have to bud them soon and I don’t wanna mess with them while they’re in that room.

Also, hello everyone it’s a pleasure to meet you!

It’s an Aeroponic EZ Clone machine, and the clones are under lights. Forgot to mention those and couldn’t figure out how to edit

@Donaldj got any advice or help?


this is a second thread on same question I already mentioned res temps were too high :wink:

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water Temp to high and add a Root boaster to the H2O -
YOU DO not need lights on clones for the first week - also Mist the leaves every day a few times

Sorry @Donaldj I didn’t realize!

@StormTrooperweed what root nutrient do you use?