MT3's WW journey

Had hoped to be popping a seed by now, but got an email from the LED QB lighting company saying that it may be early next week before my light ships out. If all goes as planned, I may be able to soak a WW Fem next weekend.

All other gear is in except the PPM BlueLab pen which is coming in two days. Hooking my vent fans in place now and got speed controllers for both inlet and outlet fans. I don’t plan to use a filter since my grow space is secure and quite well away from passing traffic…like half a mile away from closest traffic in a locked cabin. I sat the 190 cfm exhaust fan on the floor since its big, so I ran an exhaust duct from a top access port to the fan on the floor beside the tent.

Tent looks like an octopus with ducts, power cords, power strips hanging out in all directions. I have a spare Inkbird therm probe that I can use to cycle the fan off and on at a preset temperature. Since I am not sure what humidity levels I’ll face, I may simply fun the fans continuously until I get a handle on the balances. If I see I don’t need the fan on all the time, I can use the Inkbird to power on/off the fan since it is available.

I keep the cabin cool in the winter like 60F, but have a digital ceramic space heater to run in the 12x12 grow space. All will be vented so adequate air flow will circulate in the grow room. Tent is beside a bath tub so flushes will be easy. I’m thinking to keep the room at 68F, and if the light brings temps to 73ish while on, plants should stay right in the sweet spot.

I have White Widow Fem seeds in hand ready to pop. I have them in the fridge and will store them there unless I am guided otherwise. I also ordered some WW Auto’s in preparation for the outdoor growing season next spring.

My mentor @raustin has me super jacked up ready to go…and grow. “Ms R” is as excited as I am about my new endeavor. So my grow journal journey begins with a thank you to Ms R and all the great ILGM members who are helpful and supportive.


Yes, I’m so excited to get this going! BUT, you better wait for that light, cause I remember getting similar emails about delays in delivery, so hold tight on dropping those seeds.

It’s quite difficult to get everything squeezed into that tiny tent, but I have everything hanging from the top with the light in the center. If you put the big fan on one side and the carbon filter on the other you can fit it all up there. I know it’s tight, it took me a few configurations before I found a good one. It’s like putting together a puzzle. Lol

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For sure its tight. Since I am not using a bulky filter, that relieves some space concerns.

I mentioned running the exhaust fan outside the tent with ducting taking the air from the port to the fan on the floor. I could, however, hang the fan inside the tent and exhaust it with ducting. I doubt there is much concern with the fan generating heat in the tent, but hoped to get your opinion. Would you suggest to move the fan inside…or leave it outside as I have it configured?

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Put it inside, it doesn’t really work properly outside. You can hang it - it will fit - with just a little ducting going to the filter in a nice efficient u curve. I put the fan in the back just to the left of the top opening. Then the filter in the front by the zipper. This leaves just enough space to hang the light right in the center of the tent. You’ll have to move those bars around to find the most efficient way to do this.

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These are the best pics I could get because the light is in the way, but I think you can make it out.


Pictures are worth a thousand words…thanks!!!

The filter and additional ducting between the filter and fan takes up space that I wont be using so this helps to see what you have done in your tent. The biggest help you’ve given me is to hang my fan inside the tent for correct operation. I’ll hang it inside today and drop a short piece of ducting off the intake as a pickup…then the exhaust will be simple enough.

Good tip…you keep me inline!


It’s best to use as little ducting as possible to not put too much strain on the fan.


Yes, that’s why I was concerned about the length of draw the fan would be making sitting on the floor having to pull thru 6’ of duct. That was worrying me and glad we addressed this potential issue before it became a problem.

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I’ll definitely wait for the light before soaking a seed. Once I set the light in place, I’ll do some temp testing while the seed soaks and I get it ready for the rapid rooter pot. Probably a week later than I anticipated, but it is what it is…no problem.

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I was trying to figure out last night how I was going to hang my fan and filter. I know our tent size is similar. When you get a moment would you be able to put a pic up of how it all looks hanging in your tent? It looks like it is going to be a tight fit getting it put up.

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Honestly, these pics I posted above is the best I can get because it’s so tight, but basically you have to have the fan and the filter touching each other to get it to fit. I’ll see if I can do a diagram for you.

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That would be great. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

@missiles, for sure my journal will be full of pics as I move along. I had originally placed the exhaust fan outside the tent with ducting as a draw of 6’ which I now understand is a stress on the motor- makes good sense now being pointed out. Basically, I am in a holding pattern waiting for my LED to be shipped and arrive since the light will take center stage and I’ll work in the fan around the light. Also, I wont use a filter so that frees up a ton of space in a tiny tent. When my light comes in, pics will be posted!

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Ok, I hope this helps.


Ok I think I got it. So basically the filter and fan are hanging one in front of the other? Then light coming through middle.

See I was going to do that at first too but thought I would ask first. I wanted to keep it all in the tent if I could.

Exactly, and it’s kind of in two layers with the light being the second layer on bottom of the first layer.

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Thank you so much again. When I attempt it later I might have to send out an SOS to you. LoL. Thanks again!

Lol, I’ll be here if you need help, just tag me.


In my journal I have a goal to show my grow with pics, but while I’m waiting for my LED, I felt it would be nice for y’all to know my reasons for an indoor grow:

In college (grad 1985), I was recreationally 420 friendly on a frequent basis, but that stopped abruptly after accepting an opportunity for OCS in the Navy. Drug testing was very common in the military, so my 420 days were behind me at that point. I served active duty 10 years and suffered an injury followed by surgery and rehab. I finished my military commitment, and now have partial service connected disability and a PTSD diagnosis. We know the VA is not treating PTSD with cannabis, but they try to give me all kinds of pills and crap I refuse to take.

I have found that very mild cannabis use really levels things out for me. So I partnered with a buddy (his farm), we got some seeds from a friend and planted them outside in large pots with regular garden dirt and threw on a handful of all purpose fertilizer from time to time. Amazingly the plants grew into handsome specimens despite our lack of training in a proper grow. We were not far from harvest when he got the bright idea to show off our plants to one of his other buddies. Long story short, we checked the plants a few days later and they were GONE. Rule # 1…don’t tell ANYONE.

This year we tried again and had a beautiful crop of 5 plants including 2 males I talked him into leaving (my bad) so we could have seed stock for future years. This was before I knew squat about fem seeds, but the crop was nice and once again, we were about a month from harvest. THEN along comes a hurricane and damn near defoliates the females. A few of the buds held tight so we had a very limited harvest of plants that weren’t quite at their full potential. This is my current supply until I get this indoor grow going.

Following my rule #1, the only folks who know about this indoor system are my ILGM friends and mentor @raustin. I am learning what makes plants reach their full potential, plus this knowledge will undoubtedly work to my advantage next year for an outdoor grow. BTW, I’ll start early with Auto’s and by the time hurricane season arrives in September, I’ll be hanging buds to dry. More than one way to skin a cat!

So, with my reasons on display, I hope you’ll all wish me luck with my maiden voyage!