WWA: Grow Pt. 2

WWA: 83 days from seed
Light: HLG600 Rspec 26" canopy, The high end of 55 DLI 20 Hrs on 4 Hrs off
!!NO CO2!!

day temps/RH: 75F-40%
night temps/RH: 62-65F-40-50%

MIX SOIL: FFOF/FFHF-20% perlite should have gone with Vermiculite
dry nutrients all cycles, molasses,Beasty Bloomz,sugar shack, Bud Honey and Photo-Max XL

1 IMG_2116

IMG_2125 IMG_2126


Sweet ladies you got there. Are running the hlg 600rspec at full power on them? Reason I ask is that I got a refurbed hlg 650r beginning of the year and used it to finish a grow the last month of flower. Had to turn it down to about 55,000 lux (890 ish PPFD).

I am running about mid 900 right now and that’s not full power too. whats funny this light is so powerful at 55% power had to switch out the V-cables and put those ratchet ropes to hang it higher I have an extension for my tent but I cant put it on because Its in the basement. the tops are not even so the colas on the taller ones is going to be harvest here soon. {selective Harvest} next grow defiantly using a scrog… :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Yeah the hlg’s are powerful. I think my percentage on the dial was just under 50% with a height of 27". Not sure how efficient it really is at that height and power. I didn’t want to do a complete overhaul on my tent and exhaust fan to try and get more height. I’ll get to it when I get my two Gelato girls done vegging. I do love my hlg 650r. Lot’s of coverage all around. I bought extra ratchets before my last grow and they make it easier to help dial in the right amount of light needed.

I’d like to grow me some WW. Seems like a good all purpose and easy weed to grow. At least that’s what I read. Already have the seeds for dropping later in the year. Your ladies are looking like they want to reward you with some good smoke. I’ll keep an eye on yer progress. Thanks for posting!

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thank you I appreciate that a lot, WWA are my go to…they can take a lot of abuse from temps, humidity, HST, well nothing stops them, the down side of them they have a stubborn grow. its never the same twice…but I think I figured them out they do not like nutrients, but I am having good luck with dry fertilizers…My next grow is Norther Lightsxblueberry, Purple Haze and Bruce Banner…

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