Jbum’s 2nd grow WW fems

Well I thought I ordered WWA but I just dropped 5 to put outside and noticed the package says otherwise. So I will have to figure out what I’m gonna do inside or out as it gets pretty cold here by the time photos would be done. I reckon I need to start gathering parts to build me a light.

Well none the less it’s game on!

Put in some water with 3% H2O2 in it. Popped it in the oven and baking with the oven light for 24hrs. I like my seeds medium rare :hushed:


Here we go fellas lol

For some reason it’s not letting me tag no one? Am I banned again? Lol


Hey J, good luck on you new grow.
BTW. if those are photos you are going to have a lot of Plant, wonderful strain :+1:
Let the good time Roll!

Yeah, I noticed that, what’s that all about?!?..I stand corrected, was able to tag again.
Give it a try when you get a chance…tag me!

@Mote thanks man I know, where the hell am I gonna make room for these lol. So I will take as much advice on the fems that anyone can offer. I’ve done all kinds of research on the WWAs cause well that’s what I thought I was ordering.

Hey I can tag again
@Killadruid @Cyle1 @DankGunslinger @dbrn32 @imSICKkid I’m sure I’m missing more sorry


Did you confirm w ILGM that these are indeed Photos, doesnt really matter now but still worth finding out for obvious reasons, ie: outdoor potential.
Regardless you’re going to have a shit ton of White Whidder! Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride Woo Hoo!
(you’re going to have your hands full) :clap::smiley:


Frick ya if you orderd wwa then they should fix it bro idk if you have enough time for photo

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I’ll watch give me a sec.


I bet they just switched it up I would email see if you can get the autos

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Mine are photos dude what’s bad about that?

Do you have enough room for 5 photos

Me? I only have room for maybe 3 and that would be tight.

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Lol no j bum

I don’t know if I do lol. Not without building more light that’s for sure.

I was gonna o them outside but photos take longer and harder to hide lol

Your going need a big light what are you thinking king so far

Just another qb 320 would do u lol

Hoping I can build one similar to the 320 XL. Any and all suggestions welcome.

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Haha thanks for the added pressure lol. I’ll make it happen. Hey what a better way to learn f it all up at one baby!!! Naw just kidding I have a lot better concept going into these anyway.

No but I will reach out to them to be sure.


Ya it be ok it be great to watch

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Time to roll up the sleeves!

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