[_Vawton Grow 3_]

Hi folks. Been working a new job so I haven’t had the time for a proper journal, but I’ve still been growin’. I thought I’d give y’all a Grow Summary.

I had the last two of my ILGM White Widow Fem Photo seeds. In early January, I germinated one but couldn’t get it to sprout in wet Happy Frog. So, in February I got the last seed going and it sprouted on February 15th. I ran the light 20 hours On/ 4 Off for the first week then went to 16/8.

A reminder of my setup: I have a 24"x24"x48" AC Infinity tent with 6" AC Infinity fan/filter, a HLG 100 rspec LED light, and a small cheap tower fan inside the tent.

To continue, on March 6th I transplanted the sprout to a five gallon cloth pot filled with Happy Frog and watered it with bottled purified drinking water with full strength Jacks 321. As she got some size, I’d generally give her 1-2 pints of Jacked water every time I saw her leaves droop.

On April 19th, I topped her, which was really only a partial success. Instead of the four big colas you hope for, I only got two, but it did open her up to allow for a whole bunch of nice smaller colas. Went on from there, giving her Jacks when she drooped and pinching off a few lower leaves that go yellow.

On May 13th, I flipped the light to 12/12, so thru today she’s been flowering about six weeks and is about ready for her July BOM contest submission. I’ll put the microscope on her next week to check the state of the trichomes. We’re probably looking at a late July harvest. I’ve clipped a couple of the smaller buds and they give me a nice buzz. Dried and cured, it should be excellent smoke and the yield I’ll guess 20% over Grow 2.


I’m thinking she could use some additional nutes for the home stretch, maybe something specific to promote flowering. I’M OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!

For my next grow, I’ve got some ILGM Purple Haze Fem Photos to try, and I hope by fall to be able to afford to expand my setup.


@vawton Welcome back!! I wasn’t here before so if it’s cool I’d like to tag along and pick up some experienced knowledge!!

I’m nowhere near what I’d call “experienced”. This is only my third grow and the first two were using the APotforPot system. But, I’m more than happy to share my journey with any that’d like to come along.

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@vawton well then, Aye Aye Captain!! :saluting_face: Let’s set sail for some serious growing!!