Grow Journal - ILGM white widow

Hello All…I wanted to share my 1st growing experience with everyone.
Start date 6/20/14 - all 16 seeds sprouted 6/24/14






9/5 - the 26th day of flowering

16 - 3 gal smart pots (10” x 10”)
Roots Organic 707 soil

2 – 10 bulb cfl boards - mixed spectrum 525(actual watts) – 32,100 lms (each)
1 – topledgrowlight reflective LED 144*3w - mixed spectrum
1 - no name LED 240w mixed spectrum
1 – 400w high bay – 400w mh / 360w hps w/umbrella hood (vertical)

Some of the nutrients and additives that I have used so far are:

Botanicare – cal/mag+
GrowMore – Seagrow veg 16-16-16
GrowMore – Seagrow bloom 4-26-26
Growtek Monster Bloom 0-50-30
Canna – terra flores
Technaflora - awesome blossoms 0-13-14
Brer Rabbit blackstrap molasses

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

mouth watering goodness. Thanks a lot. I hope I do half as well as you.

Havent had time to take any new pics lateley…but the plants are close to harvest time. Tomorrow I will begin the 2 week flush (only ph’d H20)
These Pics are from day 34 of flower ( 9/15/14 )

Great stuff! Let me know how the smoke is :wink:


UPDATE…day 51 of flowering
Just to remind everyone…this is my 1st grow. I have never grown anything before in my life…so these photos are a testament to how good ILGM seeds actually perform…from a total newbie grower.

4 colas from 4 different plant…they are all quite large !!

You had a hand in this. Great seeds, I agree. But you have to do the work for them to grow like that. Excellent result from your efforts.

Thank you all for the nice comments : )
Yesterday was my harvest. In total they went for 112 days and 63 days in flower…
11 hours to trim all 16 plants. I didnt bother with getting a wet weight…so hopefully I will be surprised in a week or so.
Here are some pics of my smallest and largest plants…

Final weight…fully trimmed and 80% de-stemed
640 grams
*16 plants…40gr per plant

  • almost .5 grams per watt
    Still curing in jars w/boveda pkts

Nice mate . Would you grow it again ?

Wow! I do not know how I missed this. Very nice Grow Journal. Thanks. Send me a bud :wink:

100% yes! I will be growing WW ILGM seeds again.
Its not done curing yet…but I had to fire some up last nite.

In all honesty…its pretty damn good. A very cebral high…no couch lock. It took 4 tokes and about 45 seconds for me to start feeling the effects. A very clear and energetic high lasted for about 2.5 hours…with a very soft fade to relaxation. Needless to say…I was smiling the whole time! : )