First Grow! Hows it looking?

Germinated 4 seeds and 4 popped. I vegged these for about 60 days. During that time I feed until 20 percent runoff. went to 12/12 two weeks ago. I have two lights a Maxxisun 400 pro and a mars hydro sp3000.
They are grown from seeds ILGM White Widow. Using Jacks 321, every other feeding and using recharge, silica. Started Jacks bloom for a week when I went to 12/12. Ph and PPM has been right on the whole time For the rest of the grow till harvest I will auto water from a 32 gallon Brute trash can. Every couple of days will check them and add nutes as needed.
So far its been painless and have not run into anything concerning. My media is roots Lush, Coast of Maine premiere and worm casting and atozmite. Everything i have done is a result of reading these forums. Having good results so far. I really, really cannot express my gratitude to everybody who has posted advise, comments, technics, and feedback. Really have enjoyed the forums, the regular contributors and had quite a few laughs along the way. thanks to all!!


Welcome to the neighborhood. I am pleased that you found that site can help you in your grow. We all have come to learn that this is a good source for growing weed. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Welcome :hugs: to the best forum ever!!


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Should I chop this bud? I’m 4 days away from the 8th week of flower and I have a couple of sugar leaves that are really yellow and it’s really close the the bud

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Looking great dude! Welcome to the forum.

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