Help? Second grow. Problems

-What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed- ILGM White Widow Auto
-Age of plant- Started germinating March 6th. They popped through the Jiffy pot March 9th. I am estimating about 4th week of flower, now?
-Method: Soil (Fox Farms Ocean Forest)
-Vessels: Fabric 5 Gallon pots
-PH I try to keep it between 6.2 and 6.8.
-PPM/TDS or EC- No idea. It’s distilled water
-Method used to measure PH and TDS -“Pens”
-Indoor or Outdoor Indoor. Basement.
-Light system 2 Mars Hydro 1000W TS and 1 Mars Hydro 600W TS
-Actual wattage draw of lights Not sure
-Current Light Schedule 18-6
-Temps; Between 60 and 70
-Humidity; Day, Night Hovers right around 52% at most times
-Ventilation system; YNo
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, I run a whole basement de-humidifier
-Co2; No

I have some pics I’m going to post, as soon as I can.

Are you feeding them?

??? Yes…

What exactly are you feeding them? Looks like a couple deficiencies going on.


What nutrients are you using?

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When you say distilled water. With 5 gal bags you will be at approx 120 Oz of fluid before you achieve Run off thru the bottom of a 5 gal bag. Are you watering to full run off? IDKS, but I was building up toxicity within the FFHF and was discoloring my leaves I believe when I was saturating the dirt without Following the Draught/ Flood cycle, full run off.


I use a cal-mag supplement and Fox Farms Big Bloom right now. Should I up the amount I’m using?

I’d be lying if I said I watered to run off. Being a noob to all of this, I thought that was a bit much for water. Am I wrong? Didn’t want to over water.

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Fox Farms. I’m still a noob

No. It sounds crazy, but the plants do better with the Flood/ Draught water technique. I have my Full Grow documented with alot of pics, and I made a butt load of mistakes. First 2 plants produced 5.5 oz autos from ILGM. I am drying the second batch right now and then I will be curing in my 4 liter CVault. I have a Grow Journal myself and I just tagged you. You are building a toxicity with the chems in the root ball not watering to run off. Make sure you flush the last two weeks / Clean, PHd only watering before you go into your dry stage to have a clean taste to your Grow.

As far as the chems go. I read alot about using half label strength. I was going near full label once my plants got big enough to take it. Had a guy tell me he lays off the CAL Mag 5 weeks into flower. Not sure, but I know changing how you water makes a huge difference. Get a 5 Gal Bucket to mix your chems in. With 5 Gal Planter, you will be in the 1 Gal Range, probably with about 4 days in between is my guess for needing to add fluid to plants. Get a feel for how the weight of the container feels when it is dry. Water when it dries out.

Here is a link. I did tag you so I think you can find my Journal . I learned so much Grow 2.

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2nd Grow Z-Kittles, Converted My Closet

Not sure about the link above, but I have a journal with lots of pics in the Grow Journal. I bucked the system and Manifolded the two autos I grew first this year. Sorry some of my posts are long…but I will use that journal as a reference to build on next grow.

Runoff is really important. When you give heavier fluid levels it pulls the excess salts that build up from your nutrients. Otherwise they crowd the root system and cause your plants to refuse eating. Even when the correct food is there at the roots she won’t use it.

I’m betting if you loook up flushing you’ll get them back in track.


I’m starting to get that vibe. Being a noob, I went opposite direction. Thought I might be over watering

You can avoid runoff and still over water! The like that dry cycle so I don’t water till my plants are easy to lift. But every time I water I shoot for between 15-20% runoff.

The reception to this being early on in soils with food. I may be wrong to suggest it (maybe run it by more experienced growers) but in day Fox Farms Ocean Forest which has nutes for roughly 5 weeks, since there’s no feed in the water I don’t get runoff for that first 5 weeks because it doesn’t make sense to me too rinse the food out of the soil before you’ve used it. I begin runoff when I begin feeding.

Does that make sense?

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I did the same on first couple grows. Current grow only because I was going on holiday for a few days I drowned them before I went…came back and the thing was HUGE!!! Literally 3 times the size of first couple grows

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She looks pretty good. Hungry tho. Calmag should be increased. And id try to spice her PK intake just a dab.

Im in the flood drought boat. My plants often get DRENCHED! Like slow circles of pouring. Allowing time to drain and drip then continue circling. Then I dont water again for DAYS. Til they are basically asking me for it. Helps get those roots out and moving


It must be that more than one way works. How is it that hydro and autopots can be so successful while your method (the same as I used when in soil) also produces good results. Obviously a rhetorical question but my limited experience using autopots with coco and sub-irrigated planters with peat are both doing things for my plants I have not seen before. Certainly one attribute that is having a positive impact is nutrients are available 24/7. They never miss out if they need it.