First grow in 25 years

Just got my seeds last sat. I have 4 that just sprouted . I have them in fox soil and on hps light 18-6. temp is 75deg. when is it time to add fertilizer to the water? wow how things have changed is 25 years


Not until they are bigger than 5 sets of true leaves all that is important for first while is to water with ph’d water 6.2-6.8 everything else will take care of itself for first couple weeks


Hi there, Ted!

I just started growing again after 30 years!!! And yes things sure have changed. It’s so much easier now. I like to set it and forget it.

If you have your babies in Foxfarm Ocean Forest, or similar, then you don’t have to worry about nutrients for a few weeks yet, they’ll be fine. Some people never add nutrients with that soil.


I use fox farms ocean forest and dont start to use nutrients until I get ready to transition to flowering. These plants from ILGM. come from strong genetic lines and you really don’t need to add much to the amended soil on the market now days to get a good result .


I just started again after 20 years so I understand your feelings on him much things have progressed and changed :open_mouth: Lmao
Well welcome back and you came to the right place there is tons of knowledge on this site so soak it in and apply all will be good :+1:
Well good luck with your new hobby


thanks for all the replies. hopefully all goes well. I have 4 of the fruity mix pack plants going .


Wow I thought 8 years out was a long time…heaps has changed just in those few years.

Good luck with it mate! Not that you will need luck because there is tones of info on this forum and lots of help.

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2 weeks in veg .i just lowered the light but they are looking good .i was struggling with temps in the low 70’s . I added a heat lamp and like over night they started filling out .temps are 85deg.


Looks like your stretching a bit might want to get light closer if possible


yes it was. I have fixed it and the last two days they have doubled in size. i need a stronger light soon


couple questions . I have tested my tap water its about 6.9 . after my gal jug sits in the light room it creeps to 7.2 I have been using that for 4 weeks. I am noticing yellowing on the bottom leaves. I also using fox farms soil. should I be testing the runoff water ? I have one very nice plant and 3 ok plants.
In the past I have planted tomato plants deep and left the tops sticking out it builds a better root system. I have 2 plants that where light runners. does anyone know if i can do the same with them?
thanks for any replies

You should adjust your ph every time you water I test and adjust before each watering even if I tested water before as you see ph will fluctuate
And you should be testing run off it’s how you’ll know what the ph is at the roots
Double check me but run off should be between 6.2 and 7 ph run off I believe
Good luck
Enjoy the Holidays :snowman_with_snow::snowflake:

Just tested the runoff if all 4 plants tested the same 6.8 transferring them in to 5 gal buckets hopefully all goes well


@ted Your feeding at to high pH. You want 6.3 - 6.5, because ganga does best in slightly acidic soil, when you correct your pH it will also lower your run off and everything will be happier

  • best of luck! :thumbsup:

Thank you I will get on that asap. I installed a new light its amazing to see the 3 days difference the new growth looks 3 D


Looking good there Ted. I am returning to growing as well. I don’t even want to say how long it’s been. What lights did you change to? That is a pretty amazing growth spurt.

600w mh. about 18" away. I started out in cups on a 150w HPS . I knew I had the wrong light but its what I had . I just wanted to get them started. I have round 2 in the cups soaking now. Next 3 plants should be better.

Maybe try to keep your tap airated, it might help stable the ph

Those leave look beautiful almost ready to pump some N into her?

Well going on & weeks old started seeing flowers last Friday so I switch from a MH 600w to a HPS 600w . I am a little bummed the plants have slowed down a lot. I have noticed a new problem leaves are turning lime green with the new light and today curling from what I see it could be zinc is low?

I also started a mother set of LTGM seeds wow they look awesome 2weeks on them nothing like the last string beans