Vawton's Grow 2

Hello all. Welcome to round two.

THE SETUP: AC Infinity 2’x2’x4’ with 4" fan and carbon filter. HLG 100 Rspec LED light. ILGM White Widow Fem Photo seeds.

THE PLAN: On my first grow I went for one 5-gallon APotforPot. This time I’m going to try to squeeze two 2-gallon APotforPots into my little tent. I plan to FIM them and use LST to optimize the number of fat colas. Also, going to run the light at 12/12 from the get-go with the hope of getting them to flower as quickly as possible. I’m also going to try and be more careful with watering them, and I have Jacks 321 ready for when the soil mix starts to run out of gas. You can see in the pic above from two days ago that I have both pots prepared and ready and have set the seeds to soak in that Solo cup.

And now, after two days soaking, both seeds have sprouted cute little tails and I’ve planted them in the seedling cups. It’ll likely be about two weeks from when they sprout before I move them to the pots. I’ve already christened them with imaginative names as seems the custom on this site. The one on the left is WW2, on the right WW3 :wink:

Now, I’m going to tag all those that showed interest in my first grow to join me here. Everyone else is free to come along for the ride as well.

@Low @monkman @aPotforPot @Hellraiser @DB_Cooper @Jaydawg6528 @Mark0427 @WintersKnight

Happy Smoke All!


Sweet! Following! :v::sunglasses::dash::dash::dash:

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I will say this. You may want to rethink on the 12/12 start to finish. I run 12/12 start to finish but I also have around 550 watts draw from the wall on my 2 HLG 260xl rspec.

Something to think about.


Happy growing. Will be following

I would love to follow along!! :blush::blush:

I’m here. Yes with that light I’d say veg it for a little bit fill some space I love new grows.

Yep I’m here may your grow be blessed with good energy from the ILGM family

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thanks for the tag, good luck on your new grow

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I will be watching…from whereabouts unknown!

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I’m calling this Day 1. Both my new girls have sprouted and greeted the world with tips of their little hats.



And okay, I’ve set my light now to 18/6, but I still expect to go for flowering as soon as possible, probably in a month from now.


yeaaaa! new babies, congrats bud.

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Day 8. WW2 on the left, WW3 on the right.

I had to extract WW2 from it’s seed helmet and separate the leaves that had stuck together which is why she looks a little smaller and funky compared to WW3. She should bounce back fine. I expect to transplant them to the pots next week.


Time to transplant! :seedling:

Day 15. Time for transplant! And gave each a half pint of water. Doesn’t seem like enough water to me, but this time I’m going to err toward giving less water and only give them more if they ask for it. I’m hoping in two more weeks they’ll be ready to FIM, and I’ll be thinking of flipping to 12/12.


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Day 24. Giving each a half pint of water every three days. Hoping to FIM them next week.


Kind of hard to see in this pic, but the bottom leaves on the one on the left are turning brown and the top leaves on the one on the right are curling up. Not sure what the problem(s) could be


Day 29. FIMMed them both. Probably going to flip to 12/12 in a day or two.


WW3. Any idea why this one is curling so much, folks?


Looking very nice

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Looking nice. Good color


Day 33


Both of these plants have been given the exact same treatment all along, yet WW3 (shown here on left) is stunted with curled leaves, while WW2 is looking tall and healthy. I swapped their positions in the tent in case how their getting light, or how the tower fan is effecting them, is the cause of the difference.

Anyone have any idea what’s happening here?


Are these autos or photos? Do you have decent air circulation? Venting? What about temps? :thinking: