GL/WW Grow journal

Hello everyone,

I’m back and I have purchased some seeds from ILGM. I was pretty sketched out about the whole process but I went ahead and ordered some WW seeds since I had a discount code. I had no intention of ordering Gold leaf seeds but at 50% off I decided what the heck. That was maybe a week and a half ago. Today a I received my seeds, much sooner than I was expecting. Seeds were not in very discrete packaging but rather simple/plain packaging. Not that I care about discrete packing it is legal to grow it where I live. The seeds all looked good, no crushed or anything like that. I put 1 gold leaf, two white widow and 2 unknown seeds in water. Going to start my journal all the way from the start.

I dropped one of my seeds on my carpet and thought it was gone forever…luckily I found it but my heart sank. Doh.

I’ll be growing in my closet, basic soil setup. Trying to be a discrete grow. I have a cheap LED and plan on getting more lights. I may try a scrog in my closet but my space is very limited unfortunately.


Glad to see you’re back and got some good seeds germinating for you!
I’ll be watching the thread, so I hope you have a great grow my man.

I’m with @ktreez420, glad to see you back its been awhile but I remember you.
Now I get to say welcome back instead of Welcome to. lol


My packing was the same!! No worries now though my friend I’m here to watch this one…and just about every other one lol! Happy dazeeee!!!

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Thanks guys. I hope to have a more controlled grow this time around. As well as learning as much as I can and hopefully returning some wisdom to someone somewhere.

Man not so great start. So 2/3 popped but it took almost two days. I moved them into peat after their tails came out a few mm, under a 100w CFL and nothing so far. I think that was a few days ago. Unfortunately I work long shifts so it’s hard to keep track of this. I guess i’m going to try and germ a few more seeds. Any suggestions on what the issue might be?

Or maybe not. I will give it a few more days and see what happens.

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I suspect the issue may be patience?
-Good luck


Agreed…when I got my seeds I tried to rush and dug in the dirt looking… Well I killed like four or five of my seeds had I have been patient I would have been successful a long time ago and been in flower by now… Good luck and find your inner patience and your grow will be so much more enjoyable… Just my experience…


Haha yea I lack in patience, but it’s been like 10 days now and they haven’t done a thing. Should I scrap them?

I have them in peat pucks with cups over them, allowing air through the bottom but keeping all the moisture from evaporating out of the cup. I can only check on them in 14ish hour intervals during the week so I’m trying my best to not get them to dry out and so far they haven’t. I have them under a 100w CFL light about 6" above them. They’re on a heat pad which is just warm to the touch. What the heck am I doing wrong?

I put 2 more GF and 2 more WW seeds in water though. I really need to get these plants going sooner than later so this is frustrating.

That was 16hrs ago, 4/4 popped. Should I leave them in the water? The tap root is showing on all of them but not very much. Would it be better to let it get a little long before transplanting or do it now?

@Imnewatthis I tried to get mine out of water as soon as possible and into whatever medium I’m going to use
-best wishes


Today I woke up with a stomach bug. Was trying to get a toke in to not feel so crappy and I go out onto my patio to see my neighbors are out sitting, (The appartments are no smoking anything anywhere so) I put it down and tried holding out but I came back to it and thought about just doing it. The neighbors really don’t like it though. The first week these people moved in above me I would be chilling out there smoking and they would storm inside. The space has been vacant for so long I use to blow my smoke up there so it would affect the vacated apparentments and I just forgot. So then everytime this guy hears me or anyone else crack the door open he comes running out side to see what I’m doing.

So anyway I’m trailing…I was at my window instead trying to blow it out and I happened to be right next to the closet and usually the first thing I do when I wake up is check on them but I hadn’t even thought about them today due to the sick, I creeped the closet door open not expecting anything and sure as heck 1 WW and 1 GL have popped up! I was so excited I immediately felt better. I’m actually thinking about going into work now. I took the lid of the jiffy thing off for a bit to give them fresh air for a few hours and try to cycle some of the water. The only thing is I did not label any of them, I only speperated them by the two different strains. So once they get a bit bigger I might need help ID’ing which is which.

I’m stoked though. And stoned. :slight_smile: Feeling way better than earlier and i’m not hugging to toilet so that’s cool.

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Here is the white widow, obviously trying to stretch which is what I wanted. I’m going to cover some of the stem with dirt and then put a fan in there soon so the stems can bulk up. Gonna wait a little while though until they’re established and get their first legit leaves.

Here is the GL. I got impatient and checked the other two seeds and they haven’t done jack. Not sure if I want to try and germ another gold leaf or do two more WW’s instead. I only got 5 of the GL seeds and now I am down to 2 with a 1/3 sprouting but 3/3 germing. I was going to ask around here if anyone might be interesting in trading ILGM seeds or if that is OK on here. I would like to try other strains. I will probably wait until I can get this GL established though.

The GL has a crooked spine though. Not sure if I should do something about that? At first I thought it was just growing to the light but it stays like that always where the white widow will sort of move around move.

So I’ve had a CFL 100w spiral bulb in a desk lamp above them right now, I also have like a 20w LED grow bulb that someone gave to me, nothing really special but I was wondering if the LED would be too much for them at this point? I have had it running off to the side off/on. I also can put the CFL right above them I’m just not sure if that will be too much light for them? Or do they want a ton of light. I think they have been up for a week and not done a ton of growing so I am wondering if the reason is because of lack of light. I want the GL to stretch just a bit more before though hopefully.

I also moved the jiffy pellets into a 50/50 perlite/peat mixture in a larger jiffy pot. My idea there is to just keep moving up with the jiffy pots and just keep transplanting.

I don’t know why you want your plants to stretch and I don’t know why you want to “keep transplanting” any more than necessary?

These are both things that most of us strongly try to avoid


I want them to stretch so that I can build up soil around the stem giving it more support. Not much though, maybe an inch down, but considering they’re only about 2 inches right now I don’t want to suffocate them.

And yes eventually I will need to transplant them, I don’t think the jiffy pellets are going to work for the entire grow. :slight_smile: What I was trying to say is if I keep transplanting them into jiffy pots, I will never have to actually take them out of a pot, making transplanting easier for me.

Okay but again neither of those things are desired by growers, they’re both only going to cause you more problems and not too far down the road. You may want to read up on fundamentals
-good luck

Ease of transplanting into bigger pots not desired by growers? You would rather have to physically take your plant out of a pot in order to transplant it? Is loosening the soil that contains the roots good for it? It’s been a while since I have read anything though, I need to re download the bible!

I don’t believe I’m saying any of that…

…what I am saying is the fewer times you transplant a plant the better.

-good luck

I’m pretty sure trading of seeds is a big no-no. I know you can’t sell. I would just not bring that up in the future. Not worth getting an issue started.

Thanks, can do.