Moved her out incase she is infectious

Need some help don’t know whats wrong with hermavedher out the tent in just incase I thought is was a calcium problem or maybe an over watering issue not sure :thinking:

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Good Morning @alvino83 what is it doing that you are concerned about? A little background on it would help. How old from sprout, what soil, what nutrients? What is your ph and ppm? A little closer picture would be great too. :blush::v:


Plant looks pal leaves are changing color and are curling up and buds look like they stop growing had 4 other plants in same tent and they are all doing amazing so far

She was started around August 16th at sprout she ilgm fire og growing in foxfarm ocean forest using recipe for success start kit using distilled water and tap water ph at mid 7 range

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In soil you should be at 6.5 on Ph. She may just be taking it harder than the others.


I think she is lacking some micro minerals like iron or something

I would give her a feed of molasses and ph water coz molasses has micro minerals

How is her soil, looks soggy to me. Let her dry out a good bit and see what she looks like

Should I take her from under the grow light she look like she getting worse :thinking:

I would definitely remove her from her environment just in case. I would also get an idea of what is going on with that soil, weight ph that sort of thing. Look for bugs in there as well