What is wrong with my plant. HELP!

This is my first grow. One of my plants is having a problem and I’m not really sure what the issue is. It was stressed as a seedling and im not sure if that is the cause of my issue or not. I did have a fairly large swing in humidity when I removed the humidity dome. But other than that the temperature has been between 74F and 80F. They’re being grown in Roots Organic soil. I have used Distilled water or RO PH’d around 6. I did give them Fox Farm nutrients at 1.5 weeks old. It is currently around 3 weeks now. I dont see any bugs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Should I remove this plant from my room or give it more time?

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Hi @11boylty welcome to the neighborhood, I can’t tell 4sure just looking at a pic but it looks like the new growth is lookin better than the old that tells me that it is coming around. The one leaf almost looks like a mutation or deformity but again the newest stuff looks ok


Unless you have something to take it’s place…let her ride. She’s just a little weird no reason to go killing her.

I just looked up the soil has some fert. In it to start. You may have fed a little early?


I though that the plant looks like it is struggling with pH or too much nutes. If you’ve only fed once then pH probably isn’t the problem, but you could still have a little nute burn.

I’m with the others. She will be fine and I wouldn’t put her in the trash bin. She is young and can recover nicely.


I’ve had plenty start out weird like that. They all turned into great plants. You can skip the feedings for a while since roots is pretty rich with nutrients. The big bloom is fine but leave the grow big on the shelf for another month


Thank you. I was not aware there was any nutrients in this soil! I guess a little research goes a long ways lol


Never give up on your plant!