Need help diagnosing and treating

Hopefully the pics upload ok. This plant is just about a month old. It has been a problem child for sure…poor genetics mostly I think.
She gets 6.5 going in, and always 6.6 coming out. Her temps are good. Lighting is ok. TDS on her return feeding was 880ish, or close to 900 at last feed. She has never been what I am used to seeing. I got her on some ff bloom nutes yesterday, and also sprayed the foliage before lights out. She looks iron deficient?? Cal/mag maybe? Idk what to do for her because she has always been off. What do you guys think?

I am thinking maybe I should flush her and let her sleep in the darkish for a couple days to rest? IDK…Anybody out there? lol

@budbrother can you give this a look?

The pictures are blurry but from what I can tell, healthy new growth.

I am not a fan of spraying plants with anything. Can lead to more problems. Was it fresh water or has it been sitting in the container unaerated and in the light?

Also how close is your light. They seem to be very leggy. What’s your light?

What is your medium?

@WickedAle I sprayed the foliage with fresh PHd water and a smidge of ff tiger bloom. I have not done that before, but saw it on the bottle and since the plant has been so difficult I gave it a try.
The seed was hell to germinate/sprout. Your right, she is leggy, but the light has always been as close as she can take. She has never been a healthy plant. I bought three seeds, one never germinated, one is doing fairly well(chocolate skunk) and this girl that is supposed to be northern light. I bought a northern light from the same place last year that never worked out too. The soil is a mixture, black gold, perlite, and an organic soil that I cannot recall the name of. I have given her bat guano tea as I do all my plants. She is lacking and I don’t know if she can be squared up; she is an auto so my time is limited too.If you can think of anything at all, let me know.


Your pH and TDS seem fine. I’m not a Soil’s/organic grower so I don’t know how your complete your additives are. Sometimes plants are just ugly. Had a gold leaf ugly duck yield 8Z so stay with it.

@garrigan62 is the soil expert.

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I won’t give up until she does. Thanks for your help.

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What brand of Black Gold did you get? Some of their stuff is peat based and needs a lower ph than soil

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That is a good question. I can’t recall what type; only that it was not my usual as they did not have that in. I will pay more attention next time I am that the store. Thanks.


A friendly warning. Microbes die when you use chemical fertilizers. The ones that survive get lazy and stop breaking down the organics, because they don’t have to. A one time foliage spray shouldn’t have this effect. If you have fish emulsion and kelp, try using that next time as a foliar spray instead.